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User:ineedsleep (172030)
Bio:I'm way too forgiving for my own good
I'm not very witty (witty stuff comes to me too late, when it's not funny anymore)
I'm gullible and cynical at the same time
I fall in love too easy, and out of love too hard
I like cheese and cookie dough icecream, but not at the same time, eeeewwww!
Interests:65: 80's movies, alyson hannigan, amber benson, amphibians, anna paquin, army of darkness, being nice, blink 182, body modification, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, can't hardly wait, chemistry, cool hair, cornsnakes, cristina ricci, donnie darko, eliza dushku, ewoks, flight of the navigator, forest moon of endor, fred and george weasley, frogs, geckos, gryffindor, harry potter, hedwig, hermione granger, hiking, hoobustank, insomnia, jake gyllenhaal, kevin smith, luc besson, mash, monkeys, mst3k, naps, occult, paganism, piercings, portishead, rainbow carnage, reptiles, rilo kiley, rocky horror, ron weasley, sarah michelle gellar, seth green, sins o' the flesh, sirus black, six feet under, sleeping, solarbabies, south park, tara, tattoos, tobey maguire, ufo's, vampires, vegetarianism, weezer, werewolves, willow, xander
Friends:1: paganism
Member of:1: paganism
Account type:Early Adopter

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