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Below is information about the "*indie mixtapes*" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:indiemixtapes (262119)
Name:*indie mixtapes*
Location:Florida, United States
About:trade indie mixtapes here! yay.
Interests:92: apples in stereo, atom and his package, b-52's, badly drawn boy, belle and sebastian, ben folds five, beulah, bikini kill, bjork, black heart procession, blonde redhead, blur, brand new, bright eyes, built to spill, chicks on speed, clinic, cold, coldplay, cursive, death cab for cutie, dntel, electronica, elliot smith, elvis costello, emo, enon, felix da housecat, finch, flaming lips, freezepop, further seems forever, hey mercedes, hot hot heat, hot water music, indie pop, indie rock, international noise conspiracy, interpol, jets to brazil, joy division, kenna, kidney thieves, kompressor, ladytron, lali puna, le tigre, les savy fav, modest mouse, morrissey, music, new order, new wave, of montreal, pavement, pedro the lion, phantom planet, promise ring, q and not u, rainer maria, rilo kiley, riot grrl, sebadoh, sleater-kinney, sorry about dresden, spoon, starlight mints, sunny day real estate, t.a.t.u., taking back sunday, tears for fears, the anniversary, the beatles, the cardigans, the decemberists, the donnas, the eels, the faint, the get up kids, the gossip, the liars, the pixies, the postal service, the reunion show, the shins, the smiths, the streets, tracy and the plastics, weezer, xtc, yeah yeah yeah's, yo la tengo
Members:118: 80sxfoxsho, adreamersramble, alwaysaching, amandonium, angelfuck138, bleubirxes, blumie625, booblube2, borntolose, boxsocial, caseyjones, colormeimpressd, consciencefails, contusion, countyourtears, crumpetsfortwo, cute_lil_emokid, dancexinxpublic, danelectro_girl, demios, donttrustradio, dyslexic_kissme, eiectrociash, embracethefall, embracexdaxfall, emosolution, emusdontfly, fatalbeloved, fixedxdelusion, forgetmeknots, fortified_live, fucking_magical, geekrockgirl, hangupyourhalo, heythatsmybike, hideyourscars, hopefulsuicidal, ibrokemyedge, ihatesharla, iloverivers, imadumho, imcryinginside, inthespotlight, isitlust, itsuseless, iwantsugarinmyt, i_heart_emo1, johnny_was, katums, lacticacid, lady_godiva, lolas_colas, lonelycosmo, lovecrashed, lovelesspariah, lovers_liars, lvolcombabyl, meloncholy, memory_trace, midtown181, movielife346, mybestmistake, myretrocareer, nailedtoaplaque, nostalgicbubble, notafascist, oh_my_geek, oneradgirlxx, ooberwilliam, perfectdisguise, pissinglew, probonoprobongo, psychopenguin, punkisdead, pure_like_snow, redeggsandham, ronin832002, sandjesus, seantastic, shake_yr_tail, shewasjustawish, smellhere, soundbored, starlitprincess, starsfallsilent, stopthief33, suprjunkymonkey, sweetpeanut, tastesotragic, teenagejesus, tencents_, tevy, thegoodlife12, the_kiss_off, the_mad_mod, toxic, tragic_endingxx, tristanjay7, ugotdasexylegs, vagrantpyorrhea, vicarinatutu, violentlola, violetm, vixenesque, weaklingchild, whosthemonkey, xdisconnectx, xihateyoureyes, xkaylesx, xlittlesparkeex, xxemogeekxx, ziploc_bag, _avey_, _cherie, _fucker, _moon_river, _summerskiss_, _youdontknowme
Watched by:48: alwaysaching, angelfuck138, blumie625, caseyjones, colormeimpressd, crumpetsfortwo, cute_lil_emokid, dreamin1213, dyslexic_kissme, embracexdaxfall, emosolution, fxckingrad, geekrockgirl, heythatsmybike, ibrokemyedge, itsuseless, iwantsugarinmyt, lacticacid, lovers_liars, meloncholy, memory_trace, mybestmistake, myretrocareer, nailedtoaplaque, nostalgicbubble, notafascist, oh_my_geek, pissinglew, probonoprobongo, punkisdead, pure_like_snow, sandjesus, shake_yr_tail, shewasjustawish, starsfallsilent, stopthief33, sweetpeanut, tastesotragic, tevy, thegoodlife12, the_mad_mod, tragic_endingxx, tristanjay7, vicarinatutu, whosthemonkey, xlittlesparkeex, xneverxenoughx, _avey_
Member of:1: smearedblack
Account type:Free User

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