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Below is user information for meggo. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:indiefuck (724453)
Location:Massena, New York, United States
AOL IM:PerfectLonelines (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:capitalist_casultie (Add User, Send Message)

Interests:145: 4-skins, a perfect murder, agent orange, all out war, all time quarterback, amber pacific, amen, american nightmare, anadivine, anal cunt, anatomy of a ghost, anti-flag, antidote, arab strap, at the gates, athlete, azure ray, bad religion, bikini kill, blanks 77, blitz, blonde redhead, blood for blood, bolt thrower, botch, bright eyes, broken social scene, buzzcocks, capitalist casulties, cat power, chaos uk, civil disobedience, clit 45, cockney rejects, cocksparrer, conflict, crass, cursive, dead poetic, death cab for cutie, defiance, desaparecidos, destruction made simple, devotchkas, discharge, emery, everytime i die, f-minus, flux of pink indians, from first to last, gbh, generation x, gg allin, grade 8, guttermouth, heaven shall burn, horrorpops, if hope dies, ima robot, jack off jill, jeff buckley, jets to brazil, joan of arc, john vanderslice, kind of like spitting, lamb of god, le tigre, long since forgotten, lovedrug, lower class brats, lucky boys confusion, luti-kris, martyr ad, me without you, modest mouse, nada surf, nekromantic, neva dinova, new york dolls, norma jean, oi polloi, oi! scouts, operation ivy, oxymoron, partisans, pedro the lion, premonitions of war, propaghandi, rainer maria, rasputina, reagan youth, rilo kiley, roky erickson, roses are red, rudimentary peni, scarlet, scars of tomorrow, screeching weasel, shai hulud, sham 69, sleater-kinney, son ambulance, stiff little fingers, stretch arm strong, subhumans, sunny day real estate, the anniversary, the bled, the bronx, the buisness, the casulties, the cramps, the dillinger escape plan, the elected, the evan anthem, the eyeliners, the faint, the germs, the get up kids, the good life, the honorary title, the international noise conspiracy, the long winters, the oi! scouts, the one am radio, the postal service, the prom, the rocking horse winner, the secret machines, the toy dolls, the unseen, the varukers, the vibrators, the virus, tiger army, uk subs, vaux, vice squad, virus nine, xiu xiu, yeah yeah yeahs, yo la tengo, youth brigade, zao, zeromancer
Friends:9: balkfan1240, imperfect666, jesuisvampire, jetxblack, pooploser, shallowsuicide, starlitskyx17, thesurface, xxsatanicxx
Friend of:7: balkfan1240, jesuisvampire, jetxblack, pooploser, psych41days, thesurface, xxsatanicxx
Member of:4: ilickindiestars, indierockmix, rilokiley, saddlecreek
Account type:Free User

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