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User:inclement (159918)
Website:Other Journal
Location:Cinnaminson, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:SunnyRox11 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Sienili (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:Glitter on my face
Roses in my hair
Could this be my place?
Or just a lovely fair?

Tales of a high way
running from here to there
One place or another
It's just not fair

I'm standing here
with nowhere to go
Nothing to do
And no one to know...

Yellow gown is stained
Tears are coming now
It's about to rain
What's that up in the clouds?

My dreams are fading
Reality has kicked in
It's a harsh cruel world
And I'm off again...
Interests:133: acting, anti-drugs, anti-icp, anti-prep, anti-social, anti-soda, art, bach, beethoven, being a bitch, being a pianist, being an idiot, being confused, big nuts, bitch, black, blah, bliss, bloom, bubbles, burning food, buttercup, cake, candy land, carebears, cds, chaos, chatting, cherries, chocolate, chopin, classical music, clouds, composing, cotton, crap, creativity, crying, dancing, darkness, death, deodorant, depression, dj, doom, drama, dreaming, dumbassness, eating, eye liner, fairy world, family, flying, food, freshness, friends, fruit, fruity cakes, garderns, gir, glass, green things, hair, hanging with friends, happiness, hate, hellokitty, herbal essence, home, irony, isolation, keys, land of oz, lavender, life, long walks, love, making sam choke, making sam cry, mall, manda, mean, mommy, moon, mozart, muah, music, paranoia, peaches and cream, pens, phone, photography, piano, pinkraver, pixie land, pixie sticks, pizza, playing piano, poetry, poppops, powerpuff girls, pro-life, proposing to people, rainbowbrite, random, romance, roses, sam, screaming, shampoo, shouting, silence, silver, singing, sky, sonatas, sorrow, spanish, stars, stories, strawberries and cream, strawberry shortcake, sugar, swimming, talking, time, vanilla, voices, water, writing, yelling, zim, zones
Friends:21: 021303, abyss_00, addme, blurtyfriends, hext, honeyfrii, kavil, lalindsey, love_carebears, newfriends, nxdrocks, posedtodeath, rainbow_brite, random_thought, sea_breeze, sexualx0, slimly, spongebob_rocks, tearsandsorrow, trade_your_code, yermom
Friend of:3: honeyfrii, lalindsey, slimly
Member of:6: blurtyfriends, love_carebears, newfriends, nxdrocks, rainbow_brite, spongebob_rocks
Account type:Early Adopter

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