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Below is user information for Give Me A Reason That I Should Care Anymore.... If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:in_my_eyes (163261)
Name:Give Me A Reason That I Should Care Anymore...
Location:Nashua, New Hampshire, United States

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Memories:1 entry
Interests:47: 2 pac, 50 cent, ace of base, acting like a fool, all american rejects, allister, blink182, brand new, chevelle, cky, dancing, dont say a word, dry cell, eminem, evanescence, eve6, football, friends, going to the beach, good charlotte, guys, lacrosse, linkin park, movies, mxpx, new found glory, nirvana, partying, people, punk rock, roxi monoxide, rufio, running, rx bandits, se7en, shopping, snowboarding, soccer, sugarcult, sum41, swimming, taproot, the juliana theory, the starting line, thrice, tq, trapt
Friends:48: 1922, aficalledinsick, autumnblue, axfreakishxhold, boydermagnet, carazie01, chan_e, corvettechick, cutiee, danisoccergirl9, disbelieving, em0_babie, emodiaries, ems, fennytown_chic, girlbleedsblack, heslikesuicide, honeyfrii, hotpox, irresistable33, jake_carter, katypatutie, kissable_quiet, kittiekat, kt62889, litratexstylish, mechanic, mooshi, piercing_comm, punkcliche, radicalfizz, regress, sayinggoodbye, sex2daelinze, slytherinbitch, socialxreject, starxdork, teenageriot_x, toxic__waste, un_amore, w0otw0ot, winter_fresh, x0_nightiingale, xcutedreamerx, xoxsugarbebexox, xoxsunshinexox, x_leftbehind, _insecure
Friend of:18: chan_e, chokingonnthng, cutiee, ems, honeyfrii, hotpox, jake_carter, lizzybeth, mechanic, punkcliche, radicalfizz, sayinggoodbye, sex2daelinze, socialxreject, toxic__waste, x0_nightiingale, xcutedreamerx, xoxsunshinexox
Member of:6: make_me_over, minoritydesigns, newfriends, piercing_comm, poser_graphics, randomthings
Account type:Early Adopter

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