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Below is user information for Bad ass summer? i wish!. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:imnotm0tivated (281513)
Name:Bad ass summer? i wish!
Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Bio:++some stuff u should kno:++
//i am a very opinionted person so dont get bitchy or offended.
//i can/will make icons but will not help you if you im me, or ask repeatedly.
//i do not label myself punk. real people do not need labels. since i dont label myself, dont label me by however you see me.
//i have enough drama, pain and shiz in my life to begin with. i use this as a release. dont bring that here.
//because this is my 'release' lots of rants and complaining come along with it.
now you know just the beginning.........
Interests:40: 8 simple rules, afi, american hi-fi, anti-avril, black, candy, chucks, dashboard confessional, dickies, dogs, eyeliner, finch, free stuff, friends, frogs, gc, hair dye, hoodies, hot topic, icons, minor threat, nail polish, pink, pins, punk rock, rain, ramones, rock, safety pins, sharpies, shopping, sugar, sugarcult, summer, that 70's show, the clash, the simpsons, the sims, thrift stores, tv
Friends:9: beauty_disgrace, bomchickadee, dickies, hideinatoaster, icons_, pulverize, punkbaby, specialk7289, xrazorxkissesx
Friend of:1: pulverize
Member of:2: anti_avril, icons_
Account type:Free User

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