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Below is user information for i. never. asked. to. be. me.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ima_dumbass (117606)
Name:i. never. asked. to. be. me.
Location:Kennesaw, Georgia, United States
AOL IM:rufiogirl87 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

i am::
.short [5ft, yay ive reached my goal!!].a girl.a quiz addict.outspoken.loud.blunt.honest.evil.a bitch [at times].moody.always getting in trouble for something.a junior.obsessed with rufio//scooby doo//fob.

i have::
.long dirty blonde//light brown hair.brown eyes [eww].some freckles.a computer [obviously] awesome best friend [kara].an amazing boyfriend [justin].met gilligan and mary anne from gilligans island [betcha havent met them NOW HAVE YA?!!??].lived in another state [massachusetts].like six+ journals.too many pets to name.two younger brothers.too much stuff.ok grades.both the video and dvd of Empire Records [yes ima loser].

i used to::
.dance [11 years].run 800 and triple jump on the track team.model [model school drop out x3].be smart.not hate alot of more about school.

top 5::
+fall out boy
+the clash
+the police

songs <333::
.october nights [yellowcard].road to recovery [rufio].remember the memories [two week notice].learning to breathe [switchfoot].fall [over it].why do i breathe? [sloppy meateaters].grand theft autumn [fall out boy].mercury rising [from autumn to ashes].the minute i met you [nfg].best of me [starting line].im shakin [rooney].eleven to your seven [hey mercedes].anthem of our dying day [story of the year].mad world [tears for fears].chorus for destruction [trouble is].i love the way she said 'l.a.' [spitalfield].the closest thing [juliana theory].stellar [incubus].sucker [nfg].paper thin walls [modest mouse].firecracker [red hot valentines].a simple retort [amazing transparent man].mixtape [brand new].

.empire stage.16 candles.pretty in pink.breakfast club.bedknobs and broomsticks.willy wonka and the chocolate suicides.identity.

Memories:1 entry
Interests:130: 30 seconds to mars, a small victory, acceptance, alkaline trio, all, allister, amazing transparent man, anatomy of a ghost, armsbendback, ataris, attracted to miss, autopilot off, bayside, bedknobs and broomsticks, ben kweller, billy talent, black, blue, blue sky goodbye, bob dylan, bodyjar, bowling for soup, boys night out, brand new, breakfast club, brodie, burns out bright, center stage, count the stars, dire straights, divit, empire records, face to face, fall out boy, flashlight brown, foo fighters, from autumn to ashes, goldfinger, grease, green day, hey mercedes, homegrown, hot hot heat, incubus, jason mraz, jimmy eat world, junction18, kinks, linkin park, lit, little shop of horrors, lost city angels, mad caddies, marcy playground, mest, midtown, moneen, mxpx, nfg, nirvana, no doubt, no honor, noise ratchet, oasis, offspring, ok go, operation ivy, over it, paris texas, pete's dragon, pink floyd, pretty in pink, psychology, punchline, radiohead, rancid, red, red hot chili peppers, riddlin kids, rooney, rufio, rx bandits, s.t.u.n., saves the day, scooby doo, senses fail, sex pistols, silverchair, sixteen candles, sloppy meateaters, something corporate, sondre lerche, spitalfield, story of the year, stroke9, student rick, sublime, sugarcult, sum41, switchfoot, taking back sunday, tears for fears, the beautiful mistake, the clash, the distillers, the donnas, the doors, the eyeliners, the goodwill, the juliana theory, the june spirit, the police, the starting line, the transplants, the troys, the used, the weakerthans, the whole nine, the wunders, thursday, trouble is, two week notice, u2, unwritten law, violent femmes, wakefield, wasting time, watashi wa, whippersnapper, yellowcard
Friends:32: adrift_boy, aloneinacrowd, bluetbschannel, brightestcookie, brokenstarlight, burning_desires, count_the_stars, deathbyheather, dumbemokid, dumbemokid615, dumbstruck, eyeslikestars, glassyeyes, jokersfreak, lil_xo_dr3amer, madeinthe80s, magesquire999, mestfcker, missjennifer, o0hellcat0o, punkettes__, punkrockdrumm3r, rufiofans, rufiogirl710, slowlyfallapart, slo_motion_riot, starryeyed1der, tierdofit, wowkidyousuck, xlcrestfallenlx, xpainx, _dana_walker
Friend of:41: adrift_boy, aloneinacrowd, bluetbschannel, brightestcookie, brokenstarlight, buckybitesme, burning_desires, crass1234, crowdedelevator, deathbyheather, dramamine_dream, dumbemokid, dumbemokid615, emericask8, eyeslikestars, fishnetflesh, hockeychic4u11, isaidgday, jokersfreak, lil_xo_dr3amer, lostinthesea, luvtheguitarist, madeinthe80s, mestfcker, missjennifer, o0hellcat0o, punkrockdrumm3r, riotgirl36, rufiogirl710, rusty_dude, shady_girl, slowlyfallapart, slo_motion_riot, starryeyed1der, stupid_lauren, tierdofit, wowkidyousuck, xoxmikayla13xox, xpainx, yoursinsintome, _dana_walker
Member of:3: count_the_stars, punkettes__, rufiofans
Account type:Early Adopter

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