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Below is information about the "ska ska ska <3" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:iloveska (32059)
Name:ska ska ska <3

This is a community for all the skankin' rudies out there.

Like ska?
Like horns?
Like checkered things?
Like skanking?
Like the unity?

Then this community is for you!

Maintainer = glitter_kiss // bessie
Interests:46: anaheim, anti racism, authority zero, beacon street, california, catch 22, checkerboard designs, checkered things, first wave, girl ska, hep hep, horns, interracial relationships, jamaica, less than jake, local ska, old no doubt, pez dispensers, reel big fish, reggae, rocksteady, rude boy, rude boys, rude girl, rude girls, rudies, save ferris, second wave, ska, ska bands, ska kids, ska sucks, skanking, slide trombones, spring heeled jack, sublime, the bodysnatchers, the mighty mighty bosstones, the pietasters, the specials, the toasters, third wave, trombones, trumpets, two tone, unity
Members:92: 70x7, andinator, awfulwaffle, awkwardlykissed, bagofaids, bitchmonkey, blacktearss, blinx, brokenxsilence, caraisugly, crossxmyxeyesx, danzig, deadbeatkid, dingees, dirtydream, dropkickme, emptyvision, freezeupskakidd, gcdork, glitter_kiss, gosetready, goweezer, harryroberts, hipsinmotion, hugeconfusedcat, hyperkinetics, indieninja, insanexgremlin, iwannabehip, judas_saved, laughter_, left_to_drown, love_you_too, lucky66, margretanne, medievalxstars, mikemo4888, musicbox_, myusernamerules, ness, newnotimproved, nfgstar, oh_the_terror, only_in_dreams, only_the_stars, poncho, pullmyhair, pussy, quite, reception_fades, redpolkadots, rudeboylover, sademogirlx, safety_pinz, seductivebunny, signaturepink, skabunnie, skamanda, skankinrudey, skankmaster, skatasticful, skaxstar, skunkbunny, snapdragonfly, sopsuedo, so_comfortable, steeltoed_vixen, strikeaposer, stupid_skanker, swallowtruth, sxe_chicana, tableforone, taquila77, thekillerinme, theskagurl, toob0ycrazy, toothpaste_hump, truebeliever, tw0weeksaway, useless_emotion, vdub, walkdontrun, watboutzeke, weebee, wench, wreckfantastic, xcheerupx, yosoydanger, _ecstatic, _electricbaby, _lipstick, _retro
Watched by:37: andinator, anitapitabread, awfulwaffle, awkwardlykissed, blacktearss, danzig, deadbeatkid, dingees, gosetready, goweezer, harryroberts, hugeconfusedcat, left_to_drown, lucky66, margretanne, medievalxstars, nfgstar, only_the_stars, redpolkadots, rudeboylover, safety_pinz, skabunnie, skamanda, skankinrudey, skankmaster, skunkbunny, so_comfortable, strikeaposer, stupid_skanker, thekillerinme, tw0weeksaway, vdub, walkdontrun, watboutzeke, weebee, _ecstatic, _retro
Account type:Early Adopter

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