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Below is user information for o0o anqel eyes o0o. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:illestsh0rtii (37419)
Name:o0o anqel eyes o0o
Location:*whitinzville*, Massachusetts, United States
Bio:// .i`m tha cauSe 0f a l0t 0f envy. \\
(( d a n i e l l e . . * ))

naym _ danIelle *aka* sh0rtii + babii
seckz _ 1o0% french lil qerl
statsz _ sinql0z--*all yew h0tt b0iz h0lla!
bDaii _ n0v. 9
aqe _ old enuff~
spott*d _ northbridqe mass-drama never endzz
q4L _ melz . nikki . dee . becky .

*well im 5'4" <--sh0rtii f0 sh0 ))* im a white grrl ;x lol (*french chik*).. i gotz liqht bl0nde hair which is beauticiful `nd veri lonq. and i got light brown eyes! I have to wear qlasses but i still lo0k daymn qo0d. <3 i got a bo0tii so if u cant handle it--> qet t0 steppin! ;x + im thickii thickii thick =)!(&*

when ii step in a room...
niqqa'z *stop nd stare*
ii qot bitchez sayen shit
lyk damn lyfe ain't fair

itz funni how ya bitchez run ya moufz buh
as soon as danielle rollz in - ya roll da fuqq owt

~*~to all yew hataz keep hatin if it makes feel qo0d cuz all it does is make meh lauqh!!~*~

*--*still under sum construction so peep bacc so0n*--*
Interests:123: , *blo0*, 2pac, aim, angels, anything saucy, baby blue, bacardi, baggy pants, bath and body works, baths, bein a bitch, bein a hoe, bein sexy, body fantasies, britney spears, bubble baths, bubblegum, bubbles, chillen wit mah girls, christmas, clothes, clubbin, colorful things, computers, cookies, cosmetics, cotton candy, cozy blankets, cute stuff, dancin, december, dreams, earings, fairys, fantasies, fireworks, flares, friday nights, furry things, fuzzy things, gadzooks, giggling, ginuwine, glitter, glowsticks, goofing off, gummy bears, guys, guys cologne, havin a blast, hearts, hoodies, hotties, ice cream, ja rule, jacuzzi, kittens, laughing, lightening, lipgloss, lolipops, lotion, love, make up, money, monopoly, mountain dew, movies, mozzarella stix, musiq, my bf, my hair, necklaces, nice cars, online tests, pagers, peachy things, perfume, pets, phone, pizza, poetry, popsicles, puppiez, r&b, rain, rainbows, rap, rings, roses, shoes, shopping, showers, silver things, singin, sledding, sleeping, smelly stuff, snow, soft lips, sparkles, stars, stickers, strawberry, stuffed animals, summer, sunsets, swimming, takin pix, talking, tanning, tatoos, teddy bears, teen magazines, thonqs, thunder, vanilla, watching tv, waterfalls, web design, weekends, worcester
Friends:55: ac_potter, angelcici, anqelbaby, babigrlsoozzie, babii_bo0, be_my_friend, bj_awards, blazin_blurties, blinkie, bo0tiful_singer, bro0klyn_niqqah, call_me_a_bitch, chi_chi, cray0n, cuttingthepain, deetz, duttyrock, eboniksz, faceless, flirtashuzblond, fuckyou, ghettogrl02, gratified, holla, illest_angie, inhale_, italianbebii, lilwifey, lil_snugglez, lose_your_self, lou, lusciouskiss, majestic_purple, margarita, mystiique, o1_sexy, oxmunecaxo, piinkskateboard, pimptress, purty_lady, rabid_goat, shelly_belly, silent_tears, slamminblurties, smiles_, sparklingawards, specialities, surveysluts, sweetlipz, sweet_laydii, thalia, toon_character, tragicpunk27, urbanprincess, westlife
Account type:Early Adopter

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