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Below is user information for angie *@!'. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:illest_angie (12588)
Name:angie *@!'
AOL IM:heavenzlove28 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

...They all say I'm rotten and rich But not her,
Boo be's real High heel dooby feel,
plus got them Gucci nails on. You a cutie still,
and this my down girl too Ain't no groupie deal....

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

name ¬» angelin : prefer ¬» angie, ang + angel : location ¬» new york : sex ¬» babygirl : b0o-statz ¬» crushin : zodiac sign ¬» gemini! : siblings ¬» one older bro : occupation ¬» student, sista, friend, companion + daughter : hobbies ¬» bball, vball, soccer, internet, phone, shopping + anything that keeps me busy! : favorite people ¬» blurty girls, jobin, joby, marry, lesley, nisha + aby

My bestest and favorite people are Joby, Lesley, Marry, and Jobin. Joby is my nutcase of a "brother". Not blood related but he's always been like my bro. I love him to death. He's so great to have around and disclipine me whenever Angie feels like becoming a rebel hehe. I owe alot to him. Lesley is my one and only baby sister. Not blood either. But ever since we were babies I've considered her my sister. I love that girl no matter what. Marry my babygirl..always making me laugh. Girl whose been there for me through thick and thin in any situation. I owe alot to her too. Jobin my FAVORITE baby. I miss him at times when I'm not with him but hes always in my heart. Been there for me through all the chaos in my life. These people I owe ALOT too. Gawd more than you would think and it feels like no matter how hard or how much I try to make it up to them it still doesn't match up to all the kindness and patience they've shown me. I love them like crazy<33

( HATiNG )
playaz . joggerz . country music . opera . jazz . alvin . slow cars . aim express . fights . some veggies . bees . insects . spiders . snakes . anything that crawls . dark . fear . weakness . death . slow page loads . pink . ugly green . certain shows + movies

( LiKES )
GOD . my best friendz . my close friends . my parents . my bro . my relativez . sizzlers . red lobster . (food *yum*) . blurty . ujournal . JOBiN. math . science . computer . internet . phone . hindu music . r&b . hip hop . pop . alternative . raqqae . christian music . avalon . newsboys . hillsonqs . ACURA . integra

( JOURNAL RULES ) my journal is FRiENDs 0NLY. i dont want people readinq about my life and usinq it aqainst me or whatever. basically i'd like to know who's readinq my journal. if you'd like to be added comment me . then add me. and i'll add you back. if i dont add you in about a week then i quess i'm not qonna add you. in my journal i write the way i want and i talk the way i want. i miqht also swear from time to time. so if you dont like that then i suqqest you dont add me. also if you dont comment me frequently or at least once in awhile then i will take you off and if u'd like to know why then thas the reason. i dont tolerate that bullshit. if you expect me to comment u then no i wont cuz you havent commented me. also if you decide to talk back to me you will get effed up. i dont take BS from anyone. and if you're my friend that doesnt hold any exception. i miqht be a lil easier on you but when you piss me off or anythinq else i'm not afraid to qet on your case. and if you start wit me i'm not qonna stand around takin your crap...u bitch wit me then imma bitch wit u. u yell at me then imma yell at u. u fuck wit one of my friends then imma fuck wit ur head. its that simple. i also dont lyke it if you joq one of my girls backqrounds/icons/styles. and if you do i will say somethinq. trust me i will...

anyhow on a briqhter note:

i do give help for icons or anythinq else. i'm not qood at makinq backqrounds so dont ask me. but icons i can do. jus email me at please dont IM me i wont respond to you if your asking for help. and i only offer help to the qirls on my list. if your not on my list then i wont help you. and if i see that you only added me to qet help then i'm sorry you wont be qettin any help from me. simple...

aim ¬» heavenzlove28
email ¬»

iLLeSt anGiE - my website
iLLeSt anGiE - shout outz

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Account type:Early Adopter

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