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Below is information about the "we heart music" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:ilickindiestars (231009)  
Name:we heart music
After all, everyone needs a friend, right?) 

The BLURTY community

The UJOURNAL community.

Scoff, my friend, scoff.

Yes, there are some provisions one might like to follow!
[-1-] I would reccomend straying from discussion of indies, actually. I mean, this is a community, not a cult. So, talk about lots of things and see what people have to say, yes? 
[-2-] We all know how hot Conor from Bright Eyes is, so let's try to narrow down conversations about him. 
[-3-] Always come with a friendly attitude. We love you, you love us. It all works out.

It'd be nice if, when you join, you introduce yourself and give a brief profile.
Here's an example: 
[ NAME ] Pegleg Pete 
[ AGE ] I bee five-score, arr! 
[ SEX ] Arrr, male, matey 
[ FAVOURITE BAND(S) ] Nyarr, that there Scurvy and His Crew bees rockin my ship, arg. 
[ LOCATION ] Da H.M.S. Naked Shirley! 
[ HOW BORED AND LONELY ARE YOU? ] arg, I bee perty hot damned bored, arr! And I needs me a wench!

Maintainer's Journal

Link us:

If you wish to see our full interests list, you can here.

And remember, kids. Music is your friend.
Interests:140: 80's, a clockwork orange, a-ha!, aisler's set, amélie, andrew wk, andy warhol, anne sexton, antiflag, arab strap, art, art films, as i lay dying, azure ray, badly drawn boy, belle and sebastian, bjork, boa, bright eyes, brighter, choking victim, chucks, cloudy cloud calculator, coffee, commander venus, conor oberst, console, converses, cursive, daft punk, desaparacidos, dir en grey, diversity, drawing, duran duran, echo and the bunnymen, eels, eyes, fifteen, galaxie 500, go sailor, grayscale, hearts, indie music, indies, iron maiden, journals, joy division, jump little children, kissing, lamb, leftover crack, life, little joe gould, love, loverboy, low, lyrics, makeout club, masha qrella, mayday, misfits, modest mouse, mogwai, my favorite, my morning jacket, neutral milk hotel, new wave, nick drake, nico, now it's overhead, of montreal, oingo boingo, oldies, operation ivy, painting, pedro the lion, photography, pinback, poetry, portishead, puffyamiyumi, quasi, radiohead, rejected, ride, rilo kiley, rivers cuomo, sahara hotnights, sarah slean, sigur rós, singing, sketching, slayer, sleater kinney, slowdive, slumber party, soft cell, son ambulance, sorry about dresden, stargazing, stars, styrofoam, sylvia plath, t-rex, tegan and sara, tender trap, that dog, the 20's, the 30's, the 40's, the 50's, the adicts, the brilliant green, the capricorns, the dandy warhols, the faint, the flaming lips, the good life, the hives, the incredible moses leroy, the magnetic fields, the mountain goats, the new pornographers, the pillows, the pixies, the strokes, the velvet underground, the vines, the weakerthans, the white stripes, the wrens, underground, underground music, vegetarianism, weezer, wesley willis, whispers, wilco, writing
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