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User:ilickedbenji (189099)
Name:Jenn Jenn
Location:Staten Island, New York, United States
AOL IM:punkshoes4you (Add Buddy, Send Message)
.weird. shy. crazy. loser. bacardi obsessed. squirrel queen.

[..Life Is Music * Music Is Life..]
Rancid. Mest. Nirvana. Good Charlotte. The Casualties. Something Corporate. Less Than Jake. The Distillers. The Unseen. Mindless Self Indulgence. H2O. Halo Friendlies. Jack Off Jill. Rammstein. Count The Stars. AFI. Apoptygma Berzerk. Brand New. Social Distortion. NOFX. Sex Pistols. Riddlin Kids. The Movielife. Sugarcult. MxPx. Minor Threat. Dropkick Murphys. Misfits. Floggin Molly. Kittie. Green Day. Killing Heidi. Goldfinger. Lefty. Linkin Park. Pennywise. Taking Back Sunday. The Cure. The Vandals. The Clash. The Used. Ramones. Boy Sets Fire. Death By Stereo. The All American Rejects. System Of A Down. New Found Glory. Ludwig Hirsch. Monty Python. Alkaline Trio. Ozzy. Mudvayne. The Starting Line. Box Car Racers. Marylin Manson. Poison The Well. Thrice. STUN. The Suicide Machines. Yellowcard. Story Of The Year. The Early November. Swingin' Utters. Lagwagon. Allister. Coheed And Cambria. US Bombs.

[..Just Another Shitty Local Band..]
Melmac. Washington Riot. Air X. Monty Love. Any Day Now. Westbound 426. Shadow Haven. For This Perfect End. Strabismus. Near Forever

[..Awesome Fucknuts..]
allicatt- alli-ster, you rule! we are the one and only creators of Paul Paulson and he is the coolest person ever =] bampampow- yay! go amber!! air hockey tables *giggles* ...TONY'S ASS IS MINE!
benjis_eyeliner- i wuv you jenn jenn...we're gonna hang out eventually
cherried_chick- where's corn megg? HAHA hmm jack is a god, that's all i have to say
clayzbabieegirl- i'm sorry to say this Jaimie but Benji is still better than Aaron HeHe
crimson_dragon- Tony's ass is ours Lauren!!!!!!! And we will eventually go to that Troll museum
droolpoolfojoel- what to say? we've had too many great times..SANTA CLAUS *giggles* i love you Erin *tear*
imyourdensity- my Rocky Horror buddy!!! wuv you Jess
jenmoa- so sweet and innocent...just remember what hot dogs contain my dear nun HaHa
maggzconfuzzled- the two Js *wink wink* great times at the GC concerts...WINNIE THE POOH!
ooadidaspixieoo- you're my bestest Tori =] I love you lots...i'm gonna get my license, kidnap you, and we'll run away to Japan

"The next time you're down, just say Gutenberg"

Interests:51: air hockey tables...inside joke!!, anti-bush, beetlejuice, bettie page, bisexual men, black eyeliner, blueberries, boylove, candy necklaces, crazy beautiful, csi, daria, doc martens, drawing on myself, emo glasses, french, gir, gremlins, guitars, hal sparks, happy bunny, i love the 80s, inspector gadget, invader zim, jackass, leonardo da vinci, less than zero, local bands, lollipops, monty python, moshpits, my little pony, nightmare before christmas, people-watching, pretty in pink, raising arizona, robin williams, selena, slash, slc punk, south park, squirrels, starbucks, stephen king, the 80s, the breakfast club, the goonies, the smurfs, tony’s ass, twincest, undergrads
Friends:38: allicatt, bampampow, basket_case, benjis_eyeliner, blondexbitch, cherried_chick, clayzbabieegirl, crimson_dragon, droolpoolfojoel, drownmymemory, gc_chris_rocks, ghetto_eskimo, goodcharlotte, good_billy, guitar_junkie, h0pelessth0tz, heavypettingzoo, imyourdensity, jenmoa, lovato_love, maddenlovatorgy, maddensex, maggzconfuzzled, mestfcker, ooadidaspixieoo, proud2bpunk, slasshy_goodnes, slo_motion_riot, the_blah, wannapaulhug, wondering, xbrokenreality, xlockandchainx, xpunksnotdeadx, xstareyezz, xxbloodyromance, _lovatownzme_, __m_s_i__
Friend of:35: allicatt, bampampow, basket_case, benjis_eyeliner, benji_is_my_god, cherried_chick, chikvicious, clayzbabieegirl, debutantepunk, deeshortay, diverse_silence, droolpoolfojoel, explicit_punk, eyeliner_smudge, fuck_y0u, ghetto_eskimo, guitar_junkie, heavypettingzoo, ilovebenji, imyourdensity, level27girl, maggzconfuzzled, mestfcker, ooadidaspixieoo, proud2bpunk, punkr0x, slo_motion_riot, stoopid_monkey, wondering, xbrokenreality, xlockandchainx, xstareyezz, xxbloodyromance, xx_lostinli3s, __stitches
Member of:22: antichelseac, a_make0verr, claim_a_band, claim_a_cock, claim_junk, claim_me, claim_my_body, claim_people, gc_icons, gc_lovers, goodcharlotte, good_billy, hottie_claimage, just_feel, lovato_love, maddenlovatorgy, maddensex, marry_r0ckstars, nofxmonkeysuits, slasshy_goodnes, wannapaulhug, _get_marri3d_
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