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Below is information about the "I Killed The Radio" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:ikilledtheradi0 (384583)  
Name:I Killed The Radio
Location:Des Moines, Iowa, United States
About:This community was created for those who don't like the radio. Lets face it, the radio sucks, it rarely plays any good music. We prefer non-mainstream music. Whether it be: punk, ska, emo, techno, hardcore, jungle, gothic, trance, ect. we don't care, as long as its not played on the radio, we like it. So join. Make some friends, post playlist, post events (concerts, raves, ect..), and pretty much do whatever tickles your fancy.

1. Be kind. Pretty self explainitory. Just get along with everyone, that isn't asking to much.
2. If your posting a playlist, put it being a LJ-CUT tag.

Interests:148: 59 times the pain, 98 mute, afi, against all authority, agent orange, alkaline trio, anberlin, anti-flag, assorted jelly beans, atom and his package, bad religion, bouncing souls, box car racer, bright eyes, buck-o-nine, chemical brothers, concerts, consumed, cooter, count the stars, dead kennedys, death by stereo, death cab for cutie, deftones, deviates, digweed, diselboy, dispensing of false halos, distorted penguins, dj dara, dj ham, djs, donkey punch, dreams forever drowning, dropkick murphys, drum n bass, emo, face first, fugazi, further seems forever, get the girl, goldfinger, goth, guttermouth, happy hardcore, hardcore, heroine, ignite, indexcase, jack off jill, juliana theory, jungle, jungle brothers, lagwagon, less than jake, link 80, local bands, lunachicks, lunatic calm, mad caddies, mae, meat beat manifesto, mest, millencolin, mindless self indulgence, minor threat, misfits, mu330, murphys law, music, mustard plug, mxpx, my chemical romance, nofx, non-mainstream music, operation ivy, orbit, orbital, osker, paul oakenfold, paul van dyke, pennywise, planes mistaken for stars, prodigy, propellerheads, pulley, punk, ramones, rancid, rave, retrograde, rites to spring, rocket summer, rufio, rx bandits, sasha, saves the day, scott brown, screeching weasel, sense feild, senses fail, sex pistols, sick of it all, sister soleil, ska, slapstick, social distortion, something corporate, sublime, sugarcult, suicidal tendencies, suicide machines, sunny day real estate, swingin utters, system of a down, taking back sunday, techno, ten foot pole, the ataris, the beatsteaks, the beautiful mistake, the decendents, the distillers, the get up kids, the hippos, the juliana theory, the june spirit, the pietasters, the promise ring, the starting line, the undertones, the urge, the used, the vandals, the weakerthans, they might be giants, thrice, thursday, tiesto, trance, underground music, union 13, unsigned bands, unwritten law, vendetta, voodoo glow skulls, watashi wa, writting music
Members:16: allyourfault, bleed_4_me, energyaddiction, ericapixie, foundandlost, limegreenjello7, mbreault, pixiepretty, qoa, riafuzz, samtkr, sassrock, thelatedecember, villesbutterfly, xclosure, xxgingerbreadxx
Watched by:8: allyourfault, energyaddiction, foundandlost, limegreenjello7, pixiepretty, qoa, samtkr, villesbutterfly
Member of:1: xxgingerbreadxx
Account type:Free User

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