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User:ikegnome (235604)
Name:Mr. Sack
Location:Kingwood, Texas, United States
AOL IM:CNVCTD (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm isaac some call me Ike or Mr. Sack. I play guitar and write music. I think Rachael is wonderful in every way... I love her. One time i was driving and a guy threw a beer at my car and told me to slow my ass down becuase i might hit his kid that is a dumb ass for riding his "Big Wheels" in front of me. He must be a good parent. I also like drawing stuff, and going to see shows. Thats what i like to do.
Memories:4 entries
Interests:27: avioding bad things, bob marley, dancing, deviates, fatu, groovie ghoulies, guitar, ill gotten gainz, making my own shirts, meat puppets, misfits, music, operation ivy, pico, q lazzarus, rachael, rockin out, ruckusing, rx bandits, screeching weasel, social destortion, talking, the descendents, the hogies, the toy dolls, tub girl, vision
Friends:10: andthestarsfell, armitron, cherry_bomb, killmylove, latch_key_jason, my_head_hurts, savemyday, sspinnergirlll, tragicmusic, xbruisedvioletx
Friend of:12: andthestarsfell, armitron, beandip, cheapshotyouth, cherry_bomb, jacattac, joshuagooch, my_head_hurts, savemyday, stza, vavavoomda, xbruisedvioletx
Member of:1: houston_scene
Account type:Free User

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