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Below is information about the "Music, Cars, etc." community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:iheartstuff (909414)  
Name:Music, Cars, etc.
Location:New Jersey, United States
About:I've created this journal for other metal/rock and car enthusiasts out there. These are my primary interests and I'm looking for other people with the same to connect with. I haven't really thought about rules, but here's a few basics to lay down:
    • Sorry, but no rap.
    • Be respectful of other people's entries, opinions and comments.
    • If you join, please update. I'm not asking every day or even every week. Don't leave us hangin'!
    • Mostly, have fun, chat, and make friends.

And just because this is mostly for cars and music doesn't mean that's all that can be talked about! Talk about whatever else may be on your mind.
Interests:34: a perfect circle, amorphis, arch enemy, black sabath, blue oyster cult, chevrolet, children of bodom, dark tranquillity, darkest hour, drain s.t.h., eighteen visions, everclear, factory 81, in flames, killswitch engage, lacuna coil, moonspell, muscle cars, nine inch nails, nothingface, onesidezero, opeth, orgy, pink floyd, placebo, poison the well, project 86, radiohead, shadows fall, slaves on dope, soilwork, the cranberries, tom petty, unearth
Members:3: caintheelder, layde3_p1nkx0x, musicchino
Watched by:2: caintheelder, musicchino
Account type:Free User

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