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Below is user information for A Riot Girl. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:iheartcrayons (575816)
Name:A Riot Girl
Location:Middletown, Rhode Island, United States
AOL IM:holdmybrkenheart (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I really like snowboarding and jumping up and down with goggles on for no reason. I enjoy toothbrushing races and blinkie light races. I like studded bands and bracelets and sometimes at night I like to listen to Good Charlotte, because I'm a freak like that. I'm in love with my cell phone and M&M's. I like chocolate and my orange coats. Pears are my favorite fruit and I like orange soda A LOT. I'm Kel's other half. I really like the answering machine lady - she has a dead sexy voice. Jessie is tall and I'm small - and i'm a poet and I ... yes I did. Um... I like hot topic and er... I like my spiffaroni goggles and I like trucks and calligraphy pens and sesame street and disney channel and my favorite movie is beauty and the beast. I like every sport known to man and i'm a REALLY good golfer SUCKA!!!!!

.. so if you're not scared... you may read *scary music* THE JOURNAL! * giggles*


(written a night of drinkin' & a lot of caffeine)
Interests:76: a & t, aim, angelina jolie, animals, aol, apples, ashen, at&t, aurora, bags, bands, bears, beauty and the beast, belle, belts, big bird, boogers, boogie man, bracelets, breasts, brian, buffalo wings, burgers, cameras, candy, cell phones, cheetos, chicago champagne toast, chicken nuggests, chickens, christina, christmas, coffee, coke, coldplay, coloring, coloring books, computers, concerts, cough drops, crayons, creed, doggies, dreams, elmo, film, gi. joe, glimmery stuff, good charlotte, honey, jasmine, jawbreakers, jessie's computer, jr.bacon cheeseburgers, kitties, lettuce, little people, lollipops, mayo, mickey mouse, music, orange soder, pepsi, peter pan, snow white, soda, sparkles, stars, tacos, thinking, tigger, tinkerbell, tomatoes, victoria, winnie the pooh, wishes
Friends:5: 4dr3n41in3, mariah322, qubeley, yankees10, _revolt_
Friend of:3: electricpenguin, mariah322, yankees10
Account type:Free User

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