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User:ifyouonlyknew (257841)
Name:.on my own.
Website:other blurty
Location:Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Bio:i'm a girl, i very simple with simple dreams, music is everything to me, i'm broken and bruised from what this life has put me threw, but if your willing to give me a chace i am willing to give you one, but your going to have to accept me for me, and i'll say whatevers on my mind and if you don't like it.. well thats your problem and don't bug me.. anyway.. have a nice day =)...

Interests:62: afi, black nailpolish, dashboard, depression, drawing, emerica, empire records, etnies, eyes, foo fighters, geoff rowley, globe, guitar, hopeless romantics, hurley, ice tea, incubus, johnny knoxville, kris roe, lilo & stitch, lip gloss, metal music, music, nintendo, northstar, oasis, ok go, on my own, osker, ozzy osbourne, photography, quicksilver, raidohead, randomness, red hot chili peppers, relient k, rodney mullen, shoes, skateboarding, smashing pumpkins, soap on a rope, something corporate, spitfire, stars, stone sour, sublime, taking back sunday, tattoo's, tenacious d, the ataris, the killjoys, the used, the white stripes, thousand foot krutch, thursday, tool, tounge rings, transplants, vans, weezer, writing, zero
Friends:8: clashcityrocker, eyeofthetiger, feelingleftout, misfitschick, viv, wait_for_me, weinis, _why_
Account type:Free User

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