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Below is information about the "Icons; Requested & Created" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:icons (5367)  
Name:Icons; Requested & Created
About:Need help with icons?
Want to know good picture sites?
Want to make people icons?
Have you made people icons?

Put up a post here.

I fucking forgot I owned this, what are all you people doing here? >:O

No it's cool, it's cool. Post away. Just don't steal icons without proper credit, and don't lie and say you made icons you didn't. Got it?


You can join.
Interests:5: art, icons, making icons, not stealing icons, trading icons
Members:187: 0hsweetragedy, 0xbabiigurlx0, 4_dork_4, ad0rkable_jessi, adorkable25xo, allison1208, amorxsiempre, angeleyes118, ashleywrites, baby_gurl_87, beachedwhale, bella_muffin, benjimadden, betrayedbylight, blackmoon, blackshadows, bleachedemotion, bleed_gothic, blinkychic1234, blodyvalentine, blueskiezofrain, blue_rain, booboo51245, brannebr, breathingemo, bubble_gumm, californiabambi, calitatqueen, candy_thief, charliedee, chelsey444, cherrieriot, cherryxkissez, christy2003, cj4sp, cooperbabe, courtouel6, cruatog, cruelpain, curiously_close, cut_into_pieces, dani_babygirl, darko666, dead_angels, dominatrixbitch, dontgiveup, dreamloverlb, drzlittleflirt, dumb_blonde_xo, ebonyacid, em0ti0nsz, emo_wannabe, etteluap, f0rg3t_my_nam3, fallen_2_pieces, fallieb, fallout7, femalesarefatal, flyingpiggs13, foxracingbaby06, gangsta_pixie, gcpsychochick90, getaway_dreamer, gies_works, gilda_farley, goddessmackie, grandmajenna, guilty_love, hell0, iceblink, icytears01, idontknow_, illride4u, ilovetheshlo, imcoollykesnow, importance, inorganicangel, irridescent, itsallkizza, jaquelleia, jhawkgirl, joecanadian152, josienutter, joyabellaangel, justembraceit, justineee, j_nicole, kittylover2005, lacie, lavitaa, lethalbubblegum, lilshelly, lil_shortyy, liquideyez, liquourx4xblood, lishuz, livvylove, lizardlizzy, love4sk8ers002, lovelypie, ltotheiz, luvinorli247, mandi_jo, marchen, midsummersdream, mightbemish, misscrystalx0, mjthing, moonstar, muskrattribe, myliquidsky, nett_hart, nice_aviators, nisa_hectik, no1luvsu, nothinq, oh2bthin, oh_happyday, one_more_day, painted_smiles, pattylou, perfectpassion, petes88, pink_dreams, pixiedust88, preciouzz_thonq, princess, queenieb, rachel17, riiot_giirl, riotincandyland, robs_gurl, s0ftballox3, seksyone69, sexcsadie, sexydanzer87, shakeyabootay03, shawti_sara, shiny_duck, silverwolverina, sing_the_sorrow, sircjztoy, slipknotxtoast, sluggy, smiley2003, star__child, strwbrrygashes, sugaree, sweet_as_kandi, swiing, telisha_necole, thebutterfly, thefriggenllama, timberlake_j, toob0ycrazy, torcido, truthhurts0602, tru_surf, turnmeintoashes, twiztiidkittie, vanillapop, vblackangelv, wack0, wanted339, wawa_coffee, wikidbytch36, worm69, wusuh_inc, x0_sarah, xalkalinextriox, xbleedingheart, xcuntxpussyx, xflirtx1120x, xiloveyoux, xkinkiiex, xo_scarred4life, xpinkxsodax, xprettyxlushx, xrunwithsisorsx, xthepickelclubx, xtxbxsx09, xxicut4uxx, x_easy_target_x, x_silent_tears_, _die_young_, _imxcryingx0ut_, _shaye_
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