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Below is information about the "icons ♥" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:iconish (191496)
Name:icons ♥


__ INFO:
welcome to Iconish! This community was created by prettyfuck. Feel free to share your own icons with us... make requests, and take icons from the site.

- The posts that don't follow these rules will be deleted.
- when you post 3 or more icons or a picture please use the lj cut code which you can find: here..
- do not abuse the requests.
- be specific with what you want your icon to look like, this will help me and other icon makers to know exactly what you want.
- obviously.. don't steel any of the icons.
- give credits to the creators of your icon.
- respect each other.

Interests:33: afi, blinkie, blinkies, blurty, britney spears, christina aguilera, colin farell, dashboard confessional, deftones, icon, icon makers, icon requests, icons, kelly osbourne, layouts, lip gloss, lj, mandy moore, marilyn manson, metal, music, photoshop, pink, pop, pretty in pink, psp7, requests, rock, sex, taking back sunday, teen, the used, xtina
Members:159: 0ne_last_kiss, 3magikwords, 72084, addicted_2you, alicia28, alleyson, aporetic, assumeximxdead, autumnblue, babacakez, babygrlx0x, band_dork, beautiful_distr, benjisri0tgirl, blondeambiti0n, bnana, bordumspazkid55, brokn_star, canadiansweetie, chella_babii, cherishes, cherriiez, christina698813, coco_lip_qloss, crackmyfinger, crxshiftin, cutiebutootie66, dark, darkest_x, dedicated__, disturbed_psyco, dork2574, dunholdmedown, eleganceislost, enchantedmelody, evilqueen31, fallingfar, fallintothesky, fantasize__, femmeforte, fida, fiesta_ic0ns, flirtayshuz, followthesun, foolish_, forevery0urs, forgotten_, frenchfryzzz, french_odd_girl, frisuer, germanygirl53, gies_works, goldenhairspriz, goodnight0kiss, gryffin_fan, heartatsea, hilla1389, hypnotize_me, illcuatthebeach, illride4u, imdelicious, imyourdensity, incomplete185, innocencefades, irrezistiible, i_eat_skittlez, i_love_chris, jebadebbie, jinroo, joshnjess7688, kawaii_icons, kayytay, krazykoolchiz, kuroi, ladeda118, lamma_mamma, lauro, leertur, lethalbubblegum, liljack_xox, lilkendy, lilxtina, liquideyez, lishuz, lostsoul743, luckysponge, mandi_jo, mernpatforever, mizzie, nattykid, nightwhispers, numbstruck, o0sexii_smile0o, oxsweetzxo, ox_lisa_xo, peaches_o5, pee_inacup, pft3xaday, pickel42, preciousmoment, preshus, prettyfuck, princess, psych0secrecy, punkiish_ness, punkrocker_, rachel71169, randomcoffee, roxygurlx0x, s0dadreamer, saferthanheaven, scoobydoo72, sexxylexxy, shawtii, shawtiii, shiny_duck, soo_devoted, spankthefrank36, sstarz, starlightkissez, starz056, stinkypaws, supersexysweeti, surrealallstar, sweetangel4, tankgirl__, the_80s, the_stars_fault, too_far_away, trashed_starlet, twisted_ylime, venomgirl, whet, wishing4addison, wondergrl3211, wtf_its_ser, xasmallsx, xfoolishhx, xluvisblindx, xmyfadedstar, xohsosweetx, xo_babiiphat, xo_kerr, xprissxxxpoutx, xsweetchk3719, xxcheekymonkey_, xxlonely_eyesxx, xxstrangegrrlxx, xxsweetnessxx, yummiinesz, _bittersw33t, _chickie, _juiicy, _juiicyfruiit, _kiwi, _puta, _sultrysinger_, _tiinkerbell, _xperfect
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Member of:1: fallingfar
Account type:Early Adopter

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