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Below is information about the "the world of icons" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:iconage (40418)
Name:the world of icons
About:This is an icon community. Those who make icons, share! And those who want icons, ask!

Here are the few simple rules.

1) Only two icons per post. If you have more, then use a cut.
2) Only two icon requests at a time.
3) Be patient
4) Anyone who decides to be rude at any point, will be kicked out of this community. Let's make it a happy place!
and 5) Follow the rules set by others. If someone asks you to give them credit, it should be given.

Well that's it. This is my first community and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's work. Just have fun people. P=
Interests:1: icons
Members:166: 0ranqe, 102102, 1073, 742617000027, acidic_tearz, affecti0nz, androgyne, babybella, babygirljade, babyphat143, baby_, band_dork, beautifulhaze, bedard, bella_muffin, biogrrl, bitter_abyss, bleeding_beauty, blondeambiti0n, branten, bro0ker, brokenxpromisex, bxtchy, cantaskformore, chocolatekiss07, darkxfaerie, decay, deepinlove, dildopottamus, diosnohanayome, dirrtyxxxtina, dreaming_solace, dustystars, ebonyacid, ecchi, eckored_baybii3, em6olee9, enchantedmelody, enigmaticdaemon, followthesun, foolish_, fragmentideas, freakiishh, ghettobooty0517, glitterpimpcess, gluedsafetypins, gryffin_fan, gurliiee, hell0, hellorockview, hypnotize_me, h__ear_ta_che, iceblink, icingsugargirl, illride4u, imagine_life, impnutty, infamouzshawtii, isolated, jess_, josienutter, jumpinjupiters, justan0thergirl, kat1010, kels, keyz2thecity, kill_me_n0w, kurt_cobain, lauro, lilmizchik44, lishuz, luckyfairyx, lurve, mandahgc, mandymania, mione_girl, misstiffyb, mizundastoodd, mizzie, morphine_doll, mydarklife, mypain, naoenagi, nightwhispers, nothingspecial, numbinside, numbstruck, oddlyeven, only_in_dreams, over_ride, oxsweetzxo, party_angel_05, patr0xmysh0eb0x, phoenixash, poo_onyou, posedtodeath, potion, preciouzz_thonq, preppyladii, preshus, prettypathetic, pro_hoe, pyromaniac, quixotic_, rawr__, rebellia, rejections, riiot_giirl, roxygirl974, saphira_rose7, saturated, scardoll, seansbabygirl, sephora_eyes, sexxybrunette22, sharpie_chic, shattered_dream, shiny_duck, shortkake, shutxup, sillyjilly21690, sinfully, smo0thiiez, snarcasm, sooadorable15, sour__straw, spankthefrank36, sugaroverkill, sugarpunk_xxx, sweetest_sinxox, sweetxnxpetite9, taintedkiss, tangayypunk, tasuki_no_miko, tenly, that_good, thecouch, the_shit, trendyposer, twanger, twisted_ylime, undadasea, vblackangelv, velvet_poetry, vibrator, voodoomunky, wankersore, wildreamer, wondering_, xbballpr1ncessx, xebeche, ximperfectsoulx, xoht0okutex, xoxsunshinexox, xpassengerx, xsanguinex, x_cunt, x_cutie_babii_x, x_roxy_x, zoebear, _chelsz, _loveu2, _rikku_, _setsuna, _starburst_, ___sweetbaby
Watched by:49: babybella, babyphat143, bedard, bleeding_beauty, chocolatekiss07, dildopottamus, diosnohanayome, ecchi, em6olee9, enchantedmelody, glitterpimpcess, hellian, iceblink, illcuatthebeach, imagine_life, infamouzshawtii, isolated, jumpinjupiters, kill_me_n0w, kurt_cobain, lauro, lurve, luvforever, mizzie, numbinside, numbstruck, phoenixash, preciouzz_thonq, preshus, rachaxl, saturated, seansbabygirl, shutxup, sillyjilly21690, snarcasm, tasuki_no_miko, tenly, the_shit, vibrator, wankersore, wondering_, xbballpr1ncessx, xoht0okutex, xsanguinex, x_cutie_babii_x, zoebear, _candycanechild, _setsuna, _starburst_
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