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Below is user information for i've been loving you to my death. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ickified_misfit (396000)
Name:i've been loving you to my death
Location:United States
"once i saw jesus on a tortilla shell." -- kurt cobain

Interests:145: 80's metal, afi, agent m, all american rejects, annie, authority zero, axl rose, barbies, bassists, being a geek, bic pens, billy ray cyrus, black eyeliner, black fingernail polish, blink 182, boxers, boys in bands, brandon dicamillo, brian warner, britney spears, brody, buffy the vampire slayer, bunny the lifeguard, cellists, cherry pie, chess, chicago, christian slater, chuck taylors, converse, cookie monster, corey taylor, court tv, crusty toes, custom, dave grohl, days of our lives, dead kennedys, deadsy, death metal, diet coke, distillers, dita von tesse, dorks, elijah blue, elmo,, fiddy cent, fishnet, foo fighters, food network, garbage, garth brooks, ghost of the robot, glasses, good charlotte, goth, goth metal, guns n roses, guys, hal sparks, half baked, harry potter, he-man, heathers, heavy metal, hot action cop, hunchback of notre dame, i love the 80s, ima robot, incubus, infomercials, insominia, jack off jill, jack osbourne, jack skelleton, jackass, jane's addiction, jay and silent bob, jello biafra, joey jordison, johnny depp, johnny rotten, josh hartnett, justin timberlake, kill hannah, kurt cobain, led zeppelin, legolas, lord of the rings, maggots, marilyn manson, mest, mickey mouse, morning view, mullets, murderdolls, mya, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, nofx, oi polloi, orlando bloom, oscar, party boy, passions, peaches, pirates, poems, poetry, poets, poison, porn stars, punk, queer as folk, rollie pollie ollie, rooney, rufio, sahara hotnights, sesame street, sid vicious, skelletor, slipknot, smirnoff ice, something positive, sparkles, stacy's mom, sweaters, the doors, the germs, the misfits, the ramones, the smiths, theresa lopez-fitzgerald, tickle me elmo, tom, travis, tsunami bomb, twiggy, wai lana yoga, wednesday 13th, winnie the pooh, writers, writing, xander
Friends:5: beautifulhatred, gouge, kawaiimomo, slit_my_wrist, tainteddoll
Friend of:2: gouge, tainteddoll
Account type:Free User

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