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Below is user information for ( EMiLY ). If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:icantpretend (170693)
Name:( EMiLY )
Location:Seymour, Connecticut, United States
Emily. 17. Red hair. Awesome boyfriend named Randy. I like music, esp. emo, punk, rock, trance, ddr music. My bands are Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, The Used, Incubus, Dashboard Confessional, and a few more. I like all sorta of music though. I like writing poetry and fan fics. I love video games (mostly rpgs) that incudes FFX, kingdom hearts, DOA2, Shadow Hearts, I'm pro-life, anti-bush, and I hate MTV.

thanks to digital_icon for 2 of my icons!



Adam Lazzara is my star.
Wakka is my FF character
Dam Dariram is my DDR claim
I claimed DDR 5th mix
I claimed Lulu's moogle
I claim Cloud as my villian


My communities
Memories:1 entry
Interests:138: 12 stones, \m/, a certain something, ah! my goddess, all american rejects, all things rock, anime, anti-bush, anti-war, arcades, argyle, band t-shirts, bass guitar, being alone, bike scene, black nail polish, blind luck music, blindside, books, boston public, bracelets, bush sucks, candles, cartoons, cats, chii, chobbits, chuck taylors, chucks, church, colored hair, converse, cowboy bebop, cross out the eyes, crying, cutting, dashboard confessional, ddr, draco malfoy, dreaming, drums, duct tape, eddie reyes, eggs, emo, emo boys, evanesance, eyeliner, faeries, fairies, fanfic, fanfiction, ff, ffx, fics, final fantasy x, finch, flip flops, flip-flops, fridays, ghost man on third, god, going to sleep, grease, green day, guitar, hardcore, harry potter, hoodies, incubus, indie, indie rock, j-pop, j-rock, japanimation, jesus, kingdom hearts, krispy kreme, magna, michelle branch, muffins, music, mxpx, new found glory, nirvana, nofx, peanut butter cups, pepsi, popcorn, prayer, praying, ps2, punk, rain, randy, reading, relient k, religion, rock, rock music, rockstars, rpg, saftey pins, screaming, sex, singing, singing loud, slash, sleeping, snow, something corporate, spongebob, stripes, sugarcult, sxe, taking back sunday, tbs, tell all your friends, tgi fridays, the beatles, the beegees, the ralph show, the simpsons, thursday, timberwolves at new jersey, tragedy, vanessa carlton, veggie tales, victory records, vintage tv, watching people play ddr, webdesign, weezer, writing, you're so last summer, your own disaster, ,
Friends:51: animeaddme, animeicons, animexicons, anime_freaks, ashre, belleicons, benjischicky, breezie, complex_, darkyetstar_lit, decieved, ems, forgotten_dream, hana_tsu_vachel, hellangel, icantpretend, i_heart_records, korn_freak, lil_vixen, lolita_panda, lonelyx, marejaney, markerss, matchbox, moodofyours, onlywords, pimpette_twist_, prettyprincesss, rabbit_, recycled, redwhiteandloud, sammus, slytherinbitch, starslight, stoopidgurl, sweetiepiejess, taintedxxangel, tezuka_shinobu, trashy_emo_fan, unknowntaste, wreked_n_jelous, xmaliex, xxorlandoxx, xxvolcomgirlxx, xxxlilloserxxx, _addme, _c0ndoms, _ddr, _flyhigh, _inferior, __stitches
Account type:Early Adopter

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