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Below is information about the ". ic0nz_ !@%^" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:ic0nz_ (195409)
Name:. ic0nz_ !@%^
About:Hello welcome to Ic0nz_ . This community is

There are rules, of course:

1. DO NOT steal these icons and claim they as your own.
2. Don't post the same thing twice!
3. Please post regularly, don't die on us ;x
4. Be nice to everyone! No fighting, there's no need for drama here :P
5. Don't get mad if you're removed, it's nothing personal, you might've broken a rule.
6. Be unique! No need to steal peoples ideas!
7. Don't TyPe LyK DiS, "kewl" or "u r" that is annoying to some people =/
8. Sorry, you can't advertise your communities here :P
9. This community is now open to everybody
10. Any requests with pictures or long links must be put under lj cut tags.

Well that's all! Just enjoy this little community. You can post requests for icons,
or you can make icons for everyone. Follow the rules and it'll be sweet as sugar :D
Respect everyone, and even moi please, be optimistic, and lets all have a wikkid
awesome time ;) Also try to get your friends to join!

Help allow this community to grow by linking it!!

Save and upload it to your own server, please! Link it back to ic0nz_ to support this community :D Greatly appreciated. If you need help, here's the html: <a href=""><img src="URLhere" border="0"></a>

Also my other Community I just started:

Other Great Communities!
Interests:45: animals, animations, anime, black, candy, comedy, computers, dancing, dolphins, drawing, drums, eating, hot topic, humor, icons, intelligence, internet, jewelry, jokes, journals, keyboards, kitties, layouts, light blue, manga, more, movies, music, mystical creatures, phones, pink, poems, psp, reading, red, roleplaying, singing, sleeping, squirrels, teddy bears, television, ty beanie babies, video games, videos, webpages
Members:271: 020303, 020588, 021303, 0oh_baybii, 2_amy_4, 3fz3pz, aber_crombie, acidrain220, addictd_too_you, addicted2starz, adri_33, ali4shizzy, almost2paradise, angelenddarknes, arayna, ashsblurty10, babiiegerl, babiigrrl02, babybluethuggen, babydawl69, babygurl897, baby_tiink08, bassoon_chiq, beachblonde3923, beachbummer, beautiful_distr, beautiful_s0ul, beautiful_soul3, bebekisses, bebesgurlz, bl0ndie_x247, blackrosegnr, bleeding_lolli, blinkychic1234, blondiebabie727, blondofarie, bodycheckme07, br0kenheart03, brandz, breath_of_life, british_chap, brittuhhknee, brooklynbridge, brwn_eyed_cuti, buttacupz_, carrrrrie, casshole, cheerbaby22, chella_babii, cherrydyme, cindy8265, complicatedone, crayzeebabeeag, dani_babygirl, darkstar73, dedicated__, deepinlove, demented_doll, devilfromhell, devil_or_angel, die_for_you_, disturbed_psyco, ditzss, down4yew420, dracosmate, drkredduckie, ducki3go3zquack, dvlschild569, dysterbidx3x, em0ti0n, emilyxvancamp, eminemmami, emointoxication, emotionalx0, emotionless014, ender____, erida, eternalbleeding, euphoriia, euro_babie125, f0rg0tten_, fallenstarxxx, fallingfasterx, fida, foolish_, funeralromance, glittery_heart, goofyjackson, grapegirl, greenday54, gucci_th0nq, hamburgaler, heartchains, heartlesskiller, helokittiewhore, heyitslindsay, hilla1389, hold_me_4_ever, hopeless_devote, hottiexxxchica, hydrus, icryforyou, idiotxboyfriend, illride4u, iloveaed, ilueminem, im_y0urs, iseedeadppl, italian_sweetie, i_need_icons, jjordison_freak, karabobara, katylady8907, kcitalyzbabii, kelzdipz, kissabl3_m3, kissesbeforebed, knockfourtimes, kreeftje_88, kt62889, k_renee_143, leximarie331, liljumpa153, lilkrayzeechick, lilqerlx143, liltigger, lil_babez, lipgl0ss_slut_3, liquideyez, lishuz, lizshinoda, lovey_x_dovey, love_me_x, lucki_charmz, lushuzlipzz, lushuz_lady, luvinmybaby10, lyingawake, m0rbidkitty, magenta_407, magicpenniez, mantonsbabii, marithwa, megan_noel, me_vs_the_world, midnightpepper, midnyterosez, mina565, minicoopero, misread, missroxyb89, mizz_sexci, miz_di0sa, monkiiz511, ms_cutie_07, mypain, naked_truth, navychick17, nicolevallance, nightfaerie, nothinq, oobrittnayoo, oxsheilaxo, oxsweetzxo, paradise22, passionate17, patr0xmysh0eb0x, philli_n_cheese, piinkslipperz, piink_couture, pink_f0rces, preps, preshus, punkbabe399, punkiish_ness, pushmybuttonz, pynkxcandii, r0mantic_idi0t, rachel04, ragged, reach4thestars_, rxysunshine, s3nsual_one, saferthanheaven, sarshie, secretcrush361, sexx_kitty, shatteredglass, shawty17, shes_hated, shiafreak, shiny_duck, sickrockrgurl, silentxsound, sillypoo14, simply_blah, skateb0ard, smo0thiiez, socalled_chaos, sparkly_diamond, spookyloser, sprinklypoptart, stinkypaws, stoopidme2116, suckmeup, sugarxspikes, sunkissed745, sunshinexoo, supermansbitch, super_starzz, surrealallstar, sweetie, sweetxkiishes, terrifiedtears, thefearinside, thehair, the___curse, threatening, tiaxmowry, total_dorkk, twistd_memories, unloved_k8, unspokenwordz, untouchable, uwilldiesoon, vblackangelv, venomgirl, w0ot_ic0ns, wiicked, wiltedrosez, wondering_chc, x0inurdreamz0x, x0_linzy_0x, xasmallsx, xbabigyrlx, xbleedingheartx, xbootyfulmamii, xguntoyourheadx, xiamthekillerx, xlilnataliex, xobabeox6, xomandeegurlox, xosexybritox, xoxo247, xoxo_leese, xox_quinny_oxo, xo_bubz_ox, xsilent_scars, xsoulsxfantasyx, xtimextoxflyx, xxbaybexgirl, xxday_dreamerxx, xxstrangegrrlxx, yanksgirl_46, yourockmysox91, you_wish, _062502, _beautxdisaster, _bittersw33t, _criminal, _d0rky_, _faded_star, _intuition_, _juiicyfruiit, _perfectscar, _pr0mises, _sassy, _sugarcult, _tiinkerbell, ___pinkskittlez, ________skream
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