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Below is information about the "ic0ns_delux" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:ic0ns_delux (289079)  

* About:
Welcome to ic0ns_delux. This is an icon community of course. In this community you may share and request icons. We will also be positng sets of icons once in a while, but you must give credit. Also please make your post friend's only. Thank you from the maintainers <3


* Maintainers And Emails:
omg_itz_me --

To Requests;
1.* Post which picture you want or send it in an email. 2.* What/which colors you want on it. 3.* What kind of texture you want. 4.* Be paitient cause it can take time :]

1.* If you take an icon you must comment and credit [In keywords]. 2.* Absolutely no stealing! If you did not make it don't claim you did. Cause we will find out! 3.* Be respectful and nice. 4.* Have fun! :]

What we don't do:
As you already know, this is a icon community and not a layout community. We do NOT take layout request's! Too make a layout it takes a lot of our time, and we do have a life too. So please, don't request any layout request's. From the maintainers: Don't add us too your friends list if you only want help with your layout. Cause we then will be forced too ignore you, and that we do not like at all :[

Interests:4: 100x100, brushes, fonts, icons
Members:149: 0oxallofmexo0, ad0rable_lo, alli439, amy_has_fallen, angelcici, another_blondie, ardentdreamer, artistgirl, ashley_mcnamara, b0w_w0w, babycakess, back_t0_y0u, beachbabyx0x, beautyfrmashes4, beccabeanz, blondeambiti0n, bluesunshine, brett_anderson_, bubble_gumm, burby4ever, buttacupz_, c00kies_n_cream, caitlinxsweetie, candiie_hearts, cantaskformore, creativebug, curi0uz_lil_me, dangerouslynluv, dildo, dontjudgemenow, dorkii, dorkychick, dorky_chick, dreamlikenevrb4, drunk_prep, eckored_baybii3, flava, followthesun, foolish_, for_keeps, freezebaby, ghettocheese, glitterpimpcess, glitzy308, goddessmackie, grief, h3art_br0k3n, hardk0re_barbie, hillarie, icp313rd, id0lfan, illride4u, incomplete185, infallible, infamous_kri, jboi, john_knox_rox, joshnjess7688, josienutter, kay_luh, kela, kiley_dean_, kpswtchic7, krazedkat, krazii_girl017, kristen, kt62889, lcn329, liltigger, lil_babez, lishuz, lushuzlipzz, maddenbenji, madd_love, magret, melissa_m, misfitoutfit, mizzbabygurl, obsessi0nz, octoberxwind, omg_itz_me, only_the_clouds, p0p_my_cherry, pepsii, piink_kyss, poohbear10219, preppygal, psycho_toast, punkchickette2, pureness, purplepretzel, r0sepetals, razorstars, romantically, rowdi_cowgirl, ryans_eye_candy, sarah4433, sarah_madden22, sexahyplaygherl, shortshortz939, shorty891, silvergeek, skateb0ard, spngeb0b, spooniemoo328, stanggrl4eva, starrprincess, sugar19spice5, superstarx0x, sweetartz, sweetbaybee, sweetheartxx, sweetkizzer, sweetsexin, takenwrong_, taralicious, thacrazylady, things, tokyotramonto, untouchable, vanillacoke, wanna_fxck, wikidbytch36, x0ashanti0x, x0iluvcorey0x, xaddictedx2xu, xborn2singx, xcrazeex, xdreamxgirlyx, ximpossiblex, xlilsexpistolx, xmandax143, xrainy_dreamsx, xscareltbeautyx, xxdiedavirgin, xxswept_awayxx, xxx_xtina_xxx, xx_p0ptarts, x_insecure_x, yellowhoney, _0kxclarkson0_, _dreamz, _faded_star, _paper_doll, _rumors, _sassy, _soft_kisses_, _tatereddreams_, _ticklemepiink
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