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User:iblondiei (47810)
Website:// ibebeblondiei //
Location:miami, Florida, United States
AOL IM:bebeblondie31 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

//luvin me 4 me heyyy! lol! ok well my name is cynthia bka cindy or bLondie or bLonde! i rather not say my ayg but put it thiz waii i'm still illegal! my b-daii iz may 22! so tell me 'happy b-day' on my b-day! okiez? lol! i'm a gemini! i have 2 sisters (melissa and ashley) and 1 brother (alex.) i'm a student at rockway! which i hate but u learn 2 live wit it! i live in miami, florida! da 305! i luv miami and i'm never planning on moving out! i have a lot of best frendz!

// infatuation
guyz (2 in specific) - my cats - my puppiez - penz - water - my 2nd and 6th prd. - vin diesel - justin timberlake - nelly - ja - miami - cubanz or hispanics - da beach - my blow dryer - my hair iron - eeyore - goofy - the fone - da mall - going 2 da movies - legally blonde - hardball - enough - pepsi - vanilla coke - etc..

// underappreciated
bitchez - haterz - jealouz ppl - hoez - ppl who talk shit - pencils - my 1 3 5 and 4th prd - poserz - wannabez - ppl trying 2 be sum1 they ain't - ms.abelarde - tests in skool - dr. pepper - mountain dew - sunkist - etc..

//you are beautiful no matter what they say
LIETTEL- aii! wat can i say! lol! u know what's scary? lol! i've known flaca longer but i've seemed 2 become better frendz wit u! we have NEVER gotten in 2 one single fight and i've known u for 3 yrs.! i've had my blonde moments and u've had ur blonde moments! lol! we've also had our inside jokes! "i'm being cornered by mushrooms!" "veronica!!" lol! "aiyleen!" "nameless!" "look! goofy is right.. ughh...!" "would u like 2 buy a condom for 99 cents?" "play, pause, play pause!" lol! those are a few of dem 100's we've had! lol! girl no matter wat u'll be my best frend and u knoe i'll be here no matta wat! step half sisters 4 lyfe! luv u always! *bffe*143*477*

FLACA - i've known u more den 4 yrz. now! we've all had our ups and downs! lol! fighting over guy'z wit u! lol! dat was da past! it's mah frendz over any guy! we've also had our inside jokes and blonde moments! lol! "u know the one that went 2 my elementary" "his ears look like dumbo!" "winnie the pooh...!" lol! "i need a waterbra! RIGHT NOW!" "aww i'm 2 mths. pregnant!" lol! and many many more! i couldn't even begin 2 remember half of dem now! step half sisters 4 lyfe! luv u always! *bffe*143*477*

if u want 2 add me 2 ur frendz list u can! when i see u add me first i will add u back! luv ya'z!

//Stalk Me
email: aim s/n: bEbEbLoNdiE31 or LuShUz bLoNd

//Etc.. Etc..

bLondie ©'s GoOfY

Interests:50: 2 live crew, 2pac, 36 mafia, 420, 50 cent, alicia keys, angelina jolie, avril, b2k, bestfriends, big tymers, bonnie and clyde, boys, britney spears, christina aguilera, clipse, cuban, eminem, empire, enough, eve, friends, ghetto boys, glitter, glowsticks, gum, hardball, hispanic, j.lo, ja rule, left eye, lil bow wow, lil kim, lil romeo, lowriders, ludacris, mac, make up, mase, master p, music, my pets, mya, nas, nelly, shopping, snoop dogg, thugs, trick daddy, trina
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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