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Below is information about the "i bet you SUCK ; prove that you dont." community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:ibetyousuck (364016)
Name:i bet you SUCK ; prove that you dont.
About:so you think you're cool?
well thats for our panel of judges to decide.

the requirements

a] you cannot type like a stupid mutherfucker.
b] when you post a picture, if its huge, put it in LJ cut. thx.
c] tell us why you dont suck.
d] tell us the non-sucky music you listen to.
e] show us a picture of your non sucky, hot self.
f] tell us about your style. [that cant suck]
g] [optional]show us some pictures of your style, your makeup, whatev.
h] anything else that you think will make us not think you suck.
i] remind us why you dont suck at life.

after you submit yourself to our strict and vicious judges, they will vote yes or no on your suck-osity.
-if, after 24 hours, you have more YESes than NOs, then you're in.
-if it's a tie .. then we wait.
-if you have more NOs .. THEN YOU EFFING SUCK.


.x. if you are an avril fan, you automatically will get a NO.
.x. people in the community are allowed to be dicks. they can say what they want to you, unless its completely evil &then katie or fran will call them on it.
.x. only post comments if you are replying to your own post or you are STAMPED.
.x. after you have been stamped, feel free to post about concerts, music, movies, whatev you feel like. in fact, please do.
Interests:34: 80s shit, being a cool kid, being awesomely awesome, being better than you, being completely rad, being cooler than you, being ghizzetto, being us not you, bitches, bnizzle, brand new, bright eyes, emo, fran and katie's boys, hardcore, hardcore punk, i love the 80s, indian summer, indie, jerks, les savy fav, mad rad, mutha fuckas, not sucking, not sucking ass, punk, q and not u, rainer maria, rites of spring, sid vicious, the dandy warhols, the kinks, the sex pistols, wicked
Members:27: 551, boundandgagged, can_i_be_emo, cheshirefirefly, definite, elissa629, emotears_, excuse_to_hurt, eye_sore, iamdarkpoetry, icy_walls, katums, kuja007, lovekills, noxonexcares, pirateslife4me, pseudo_kiss, shimmeringstar, slowlyfallapart, tangledshe, tearsarefalling, theboywonder, thedoublelife, xliarishernamex, xuneverlovedmex, xwitheredx, _covermyeyes
Watched by:9: definite, elissa629, emotears_, eye_sore, iamdarkpoetry, kuja007, pseudo_kiss, shimmeringstar, slowlyfallapart
Account type:Free User

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