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User:iamkir (12248)
Website:...general ramblings...
Location:medford, New York, United States
AOL IM:ixamxkir (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: 179088656 (Add User, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:IiI_loser_whore (Add User, Send Message)

je suis dans l'amour avec quelqu'un que je puis jamais avoir

kir ; 15 ; long island, ny; relationship impaired ;
in love with a boy;
obsessed with music ; plays drums.

your bright eyes burn
through my exploding heart.
. . . my heart's suicide.

//journal names//
//+dorks_unite <---community...join it dammit
//+kirswhore<---matts journal...<3
//+daddyslildefect<---my picture journal!
Memories:1 entry
Interests:140: alfred hitchcock, alone, anti-socialism, autumn, bass guitar, beauty, being bisexual, bendy straws, bisexual, biting, black, black lights, black tears, blades, bleeding, blood, bloody tears, boots, breaking things, broken glass, candles, cemetaries, confusion, crying, cuddling, cuddling with matt, cuts, cutting, dark, dark and stormy nights, darkness, dead, death, destroy, die, does it really matter?, drums, dying, emo, emptiness, evil, fairies, falling, fangs, fear, fight club, flames, fog, freedom, halloween, hating humanity, having nothing, hot topic, hot wax, hurting, insanity, isolating myself, kissing, licking, lighters, lightning, locked doors, loneliness, lost souls, loud music, lyrics, making out, masochism, masochists, matt, matthew, matthew thomas miller, midnight, moon, morbid angels, music, necklaces, needles, night, nightmares, not caring, offending the elderly, outcasts, pain, pez candy, photography, piercings, pins, pissing off neighbors, poems, poetry, pouring rain, rain, razorblades, razors, reading, rollercoasters, roses, running through sprinklers, sad stories, safety pins, scars, scary movies, scary things, screaming, screamo, self-expression, self-harm, sex, si, singing, solitaire, solitude, spontaneous human combustion, stars, staying out late, stuffed animals, suicide, sunsets, sweet dreams, swinging on swings, tears, the dead, the full moon, the moon, the sound of wind, things that go click, thunderstorms, torture, twisted, vanilla, walking in the rain, wandering aimlessly, waterfalls, weeping willow trees, wings, wishing on stars, writing, writing on the wall, writing poetry
Friends:1: ohbabyohbaby
Friend of:46: abercrombie, abscond_raven, alkalinetriogir, alldressedup, antibeauty, bemusedrobot, bitter_abyss, black_nails, bleedxthexsky, cherii, collapsingsky, darkestsunshine, depr3ssedvii, dreamy, feistykittie, funshinebear, gillyismypimp, grandomega, heartsfallapart, heaven_tonight, intensify, itjusthappens, iwantariot, i_wear_converse, kirswhore, lucky_duckie, lushiz_kizziz, mikesayshi, panick101, paynomind, pinkxconverse, sillygilli, sinfulstars, smilesx, sweetinfidelity, thestarsnthesky, thiswoundbleeds, villain, wannabe, wreckfantastic, xallseemslostx, xbleed_me_dry, xemogirlx, xx__paraselene, _chickvicious, _underwater
Member of:14: anti_avril, bi_girls_rock, claim_a_bjuser, cutmeintopieces, dorks_unite, fuckup, html_help, loser_kids, newfriends, spam, thingie, witchcraft, writing, _braceletxwh0re
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