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User:iamdilan21 (872456)  
Location:Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Yahoo! (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:i am dilan. hehe! ;) hmmm...i have this duo-personality...sometimes im dilan but on other occasions, im diane. heck! what the hell am i talking about?! argh!!! ;) ok...ok...let's get down to business! i was born on the 22nd of may , so that makes me a gemini! i must admit that i am a 'true blue' gemini cuz im curious, artistic, quick-witted, a bit mischievous, kinda naughty, intelligent, pretty, athletic,sexy...and most of all, im a big liar!!! bwahahaha!!!;) people often think that im the 'silent-innocent' kind of girl...hehe! they're wrong! hehe! ;) im not at all that silent...once i talk, it'll be hard for me to shut up. hehe! that's true. im more of a listener too...and im the master of corny jokes! hehe! ;) you can ask my friends about'll die from laughing once you hear my corny jokes! ;) i often friends and classmates would often tease me about it...they would call me names like apple or tomato...hehe! i don't know why i blush often! i've been blushing ever since i was in elementary! ;) i prefer older men...most of them are mature enough and also, most of them think about the future...but im not saying that guys my age aren't! ...most guys my age are what i call the 'pa-cute' type. all they do is make 'porma'! and that sucks big time! im into sports and music. taekwondo is my fave sport! yeah, you read it right. so don't you dare mess around with me or gonna kick your ass! ;) im also into basketball and badminton...i just love the feeling of getting tired and thirsty...hehe! my fave sports just give me this different kind of high and i like it a lot! ;) i also love biking, swimming and surfing! bad thing is, i don't even know how to swim or even how to ride a bike!!! argh!!! this is so embarrassing! at my age, i dont even know how to ride a bike or swim!!! waaaa!!! ;( just wish that there'll be someone who'll be willing to teach me!) music...can't live without it! i love all kinds of music except bubble-gum pop songs and boyband songs! they suck! pweh! rock, light alternative,glam rock, trance, dance and j-pop music are the best!!! ;) hope i'll be a rock star someday! damn! it'll be so cool!!! ;) i love to sleep, listen to the radio, eat, read novels by stephen king and anne rice, go to different places, hang-out at my friend's pad, and just to bum around...hehehe! i love the color red...i love to sing...i love chocolates...and what else?! there's so much more but i can't place it all here! ;)
Interests:25: adventure, cartoons, chocolates, colors, computer games, designing, extreme sports, fashion, fast cars, food, fun, martial arts, money, movies, music, nature, novels, older men., photography, relaxation, religion, sleep, vampirism, water, witchcraft
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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