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User:i_ruined_you (289859)  
Location:Houston, Texas, United States
AOL IM:xixruinedxyoux (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:my name's Sammy. I'm a girl. I'm not really 18, I'm actually 16.
My passion is music. It is the absolute most beautiful thing in my life right now, along with my boyfriend. I'm into many types of music, including- punk, oi, ska, emo, emocore, hardcore, metalcore, metal, gothic, synth, industrial, electronica, and SOME techno/trance. My 3 favorite types of music right now are emo, emocore, and hardcore. Some of my favorite bands include- atreyu, bleeding through, northstar, taking back sunday, eighteen visions, hopesfall, the beautiful mistake, 7 angels 7 plagues, converge, youth of today, the jazz june, the lyndsay diaries, juliana theory, the june spirit, student rick, walls of jericho, finch, zao, demon hunter, shai hulud, another victim, evergreen terrace, bright eyes, a static lullaby, dillinger escape plan, the hope conspiracy, the used, boy sets fire, coheed and cambria, hatebreed, december, otep, poison the well, the all-american rejects, and many more.
I'm basically a mean and rude person. I'm a bitch most of the time, but I can also be the nicest person in the world (although it depends mainly on how you treat me). If I diss you, dont take it personally. I do it to everyone. I dont have many friends and I like it that way. I cant keep friends.
I'm a sucker for emo boys and pretty things. I absolutely LOVE pastel pink and blue nailpolish, lipgloss, pink lipstick, and glitter. Well, anything that has to do with GLAMOUR.
I dont really have a style of dressing. I wear whatever the fuck I want whenever the fuck I want. Whether its something "preppy" or "goth", I dont give a shit as long as I like it. I'm sXe and fucking proud. I love tattoos, piercings, and stretched ears. My ears are currently stretched to 8gauges, but I'm gonna keep stretching them up to 00g. I have 2 extra piercings on each of my ears, 1 set which I am planning on stretching to 8g. I had an eyebrow piercing, but my eyebrow rejected the ring and it fell out. Sometime between the next 3 months I'm hoping to pierce either my septum, labret, or tragus. Maybe my daith or rook, but I'm not exactly sure yet.
Umm, yeah, thats it.
Interests:12: bass, concerts, drums, emo, guitar, hardcore, moshing, music, piercings, punk, ska, skanking
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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