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User:i_love_pierre (123103)
Location:New York, United States
Howdy partner! My name is Stephanie. I am 15 years old and my birthday is on August 19th. I have semi-long, a little past my shoulder-length hair. It's caramelly brown. I have hazel eyes and I am five foot five...not too short, but not too tal. I have an unhealthy obsession with Simple Plan, especially Pierre Bouvier. I love to be crazy and just have fun. I play volleyball, soccer, and softball. I used to have braces but now my teeth are okey-dokey. I don't have freckles and I don't wear glasses. And that's pretty much me.

My journal is friends only! But, I am always accepting friends. Please do not add me just because you want me to do your layout/icon/etc. I will do them for pretty much anybody if you just ask. I do not do friend cuts either. I think they are stupid unless you have like over 100 friends or something. I will take you off my friends list if you take my stuff or are mean to my other friends or me. I don't update everyday and I don't comment journals everyday. If you take me off your friends list for not commenting enough then screw you (in a nice way of course ;D)


purdy sign from xmandee!!!! =D


Interests:132: !, &, *, 1987, 3, ?, abercrombie, adam sandler, american eagle, american idol, anti-avril, ashanti, austin powers, awards, baby blue, bananas, beaches, being crazy, being happy, birthdays, black, blink-182, blinkies, blue, boxers, bright colors, candy, chinese food, chocolate, chopsticks, christina aguilera, claiming, claims, clarinet, communities, computers, cookies, cotton candy, cute blurties, darkness falls, dogs, dots, dr. evil, drums, dudes, friends, fuzzy stuff, giraffes, giving gifts, glitter, goldmember, good charlotte, gorillas, guys, hugs, ice cream, icons, jellybeans, just being me, kelly clarkson, kisses, legally blonde, life, lip gloss, little nicky, lollipops, love, mascara, meteor showers, mini me, movies, mtv, mtv2, music, new found glory, pajamas, parties, pat cunningham, paul frank, penguins, pictures, pierre, pierre bouvier, puppies, random things, rat race, reeses pieces, rhinestones, rollercoasters, rolos, scary movies, scott evil, screaming, seth green, shooting stars, shopping, signs, silver, simple plan, skittles, smilies, snow, snowboarding, soccer, softball, soup, spaghetti, sparkles, starry nights, stars, straight hair, strawberries, strawberry creamsicles, sugar, summer, sweatshirts, swimming, swirlies, the color pink, the osbournes, the ring, the shining, the used, things that smell nice, trl, turtles, twizzlers, vacations, volleyball, watermelon, yay, yellow
Friends:21: againstxlabels, anti_muggle, bunkie, burby4ever, cherri3z, crayolamarkers, em0tionaless, godzalterego, gravity_girl, judgement_, lilbunnyfoofoo, nfg_grly17, princessmeaghan, shigal, suziequzie15, xbrokenreality, xmandee, _careless, _chelsz, _in_love, _underestimated
Friend of:6: anti_muggle, em0tionaless, godzalterego, princessmeaghan, xbrokenreality, _chelsz
Member of:7: bjawards, blazin_blurties, blurty_awards, divineawards, icons_, luckyawards, pierretastic
Account type:Early Adopter

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