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Below is information about the "orlando bloom's biggest FANS" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:i_love_orlando_ (234175)
Name:orlando bloom's biggest FANS
Location:Massachusetts, United States
About:hey everyone! danielle ((_valid)) rae ((fiwen113)) and becky ((bexy)) this our community dedicated to the sexiest man/elf alive. Orlando Bloom a.k.a Legolas. If you love him as much as we do then join the community. Just follow the rules and you'll be all set!

1. don't be rude to the other members
2. don't steal anyones icons or ne thing
3. be respectful to the community owners
4. have consideration for others

hMmMm thats all i can think of for now. if you have any questions for us then feel free to leave us a comment in our journal, or IM us and we will help you best we can.
Interests:12: arrows, bows, dwarfs, elves, hobbits, immortality, legolas, lotr, orlando bloom, pirates of the caribean, strength, wizards
Members:44: azurelight, baber, bexy, bubbles627, ceruleanskyes, cheergurl, crystaldreamer4, dorkable_undies, dramatical_89, dreaming_angel, elvish_smile, falling_dream, fallin_4_felton, fiwen113, gorgeouslove, go_drink_poison, hott4sure, iambunny, im_afool4u, jordan_obw, kissme143x0, matrix_freak, mercurychaos, misplaced, n0t_y0ur_star, ohme_ohmy, princesscarly, rackle23, rathien, roriebeanz, shokun, siddied4lov3, so_excited, stineyweeney, tearsfromthesky, winnz, wishuponastar37, xbabid0ll, xcandyfloss, xicypinkbaybeex, _addict3d_, _obsession_, _pink_am0ur_, _valid
Account type:Free User

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