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Below is information about the "msi <3" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:i_heart_msi (207617)  
Name:msi <3
About:this community is for the folks who 'heart' mindless self indulgence. feel free to discuss anything you wish. :D

a place where we say fuck the rules and get happy.

as your tour guide..i mean, maintainer. :D if you have any comments or questions, or just feel like chatting my leg off.. please feel free to IM me..i love meeting new people. :P IM me at: luckilyimnerdy, rob0tikus, or imsogeek

dont worry, i dont bite :D

Interests:42: art, binkies, bisexual, black, blinkies, chatting, cheese, clubs, computers, crossbreed, fake hair, fans, friends, gay, girls, goggles, graffiti, h4x0rs, hacking, hardcore, hate, icons, industrial, lesbian, loathe, love, masturbation, mindless self indulgence, panties, parties, pink, pussy, rainbows, ravers, raves, sex, shows, skating, slipknot, straight, talking, urine
Members:56: 0_my, 70x7, ally_kat_, badboy84, bandaidsr4cuts, benjis_eyeliner, broken_starz, classytrashcan, deathbyheather, eat_cheese, equivocallove, evilruberduckie, fragments_of_me, freakshow90210, gazingdarkness, getthefuckaway, girlwonder, gluedsafetypins, heartofstiches, hey_stranger, hopelesscares, ilavjimmyurine, jackass_owns, jaynieshady, kissmyspork, laura_ismy_name, limewiresic, liquid_rainbow, lucks_whore, malkai, meth_wonderland, mezdispenser, mindlessd0rk, mtngrl, nofxistheshizz, ondisplay, pinkdecorations, pink_hair_dye, plurville, posedtodeath, raynchild, recycledyouth, redeggsandham, rockinghard, sexynursejenn69, sinisterchild, skyofstrife, spokendaggers, spz, strangerous, thisisnotatest, tie_my_velcro, xesartlu, zeelicious, _ims0geek, __juggalette
Watched by:20: benjis_eyeliner, classytrashcan, evilruberduckie, girlwonder, heartofstiches, jackass_owns, killersquirrels, laura_ismy_name, limewiresic, liquid_rainbow, lucks_whore, malkai, meth_wonderland, pink_hair_dye, posedtodeath, raynchild, spz, strangerous, thisisnotatest, xesartlu
Account type:Free User

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