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Below is user information for Paranoid Android. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:i_am_nobody (11891)
Name:Paranoid Android

I - The word used by a person to refer to herself

Am - The first person singular form of the verb 'be'

Nobody - A person of no influence or consequence

This is a friends only journal.

No idiots allowed. This is my journal, and we play by my rules.

Yes, I have support points. And yes, I do have probably too much spare time on my hands. But that does not mean I want you to leave me stupid comments asking about support stuff.
Ask me anything about comments links, backgrounds, icons etc and you will most likely get a nasty reply telling you where to shove it. I will also go through your journal and report any TOS violations I might find there to the relavent Blurty authorities.

Oh, and by the way - I don't care what you think of me.


suspension tally:
llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll
...and the rest. I gave up counting.

Memories:13 entries
Interests:56: banleeting, beads, books, bouldering, britpop, cats, ceefax, cheese, chocolate, climbing, collecting stuff, computers, doves, england, eyeliner, glitter, glow-in-the-dark, guitars, holograms, html, internet, jackass, jelly belly, keyrings, league of gentlemen, led zeppelin, lists, manic street preachers, maths, music technology, oasis, pasta, photography, physics, postcards, pringles, pulp, purple, radiohead, rainbows, rex the runt, sarcasm, science, south park, stone roses, super furry animals, teletext, the simpsons, the who, thinking, travis, trillian, tuuli, velvet goldmine, verve, wales
Friends:49: absolute_oasis, anchor, anglophilia, ania, antifakeceleb, banleeted, banleetics, beetourist, beforemytime, blah_its_me, blurtyaddicts, blurty_hs, body_mods, ceadsearc, community_ads, cyanidespizzles, empyreal, evillawngnome, foreverred, giish, grayeyes, hateme, helly_welly, icklecuffs, idiotsanonymous, ism, ladyfinger, madscientist, manic_kate, news, nicole_strange, over18, pezstar, photography, photo_contest, pictures, remorsefultears, saygoodbye, scientists, sheep4859, silverraven, suggestions, support, supportlounge, thursday_next, top50, tuuli, userdoc, you_love_us
Friend of:28: anchor, beetourist, beforemytime, blah_its_me, candykane, ceadsearc, empyreal, evillawngnome, face21, foreverred, giish, grayeyes, icklecuffs, ism, kaston_iago, madscientist, manic_kate, mrsrobinson, nicole_strange, remorsefultears, saygoodbye, shattereddream, sheep4859, silverraven, snfbwm, sparklingerin, xoxjazzyxox, _poo
Member of:23: absolute_oasis, anglophilia, antifakeceleb, banleeted, banleetics, blurtyaddicts, blurty_hs, body_mods, community_ads, idiotsanonymous, over18, pezstar, photography, photo_contest, pictures, scientists, sextips, suggestions, supportlounge, top50, tuuli, userdoc, you_love_us
Account type:Early Adopter

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