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Below is information about the "Harry Potter Fans Roleplay" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:hpfansrpg (461608)
Name:Harry Potter Fans Roleplay
Website:Affilliate Community - HPfans
This is a Harry Potter RPG Community.

NOTE: all members please put the banner in your info the link is:
<*img src="
^take out the stars^

This is a Harry Potter roleplaying communty taking place in Harry's 6th year at Hogwarts. I would stongly advise anyone who hasn't read or finished the 5th book NOT to join because everything in the 5th book has already happend in the this community. If you've finished it, or don't care about spoilers then you are welcome to join! But if you join and you haven't read it please don't complain that someone here ruined it for you.


1` Choose your charachter and make a screen name with an icon for them. You cannot choose a charachter that has already been taken and they need to have been mentioned in the book before - even in passing. No "exchange students"

2` This is not a slash community. No - boy/boy girl/girl, teacher/student, adult/child stories. You can make charachters like each other but please don't make it something that is completely un-related to the book
[ex-Harry/Pansy Parkinson or Snape/Hermione].

3` Please try to update at least once a week.

Harry Potter -fireb0lt
Ron Weasley - __ron__w
Hermione Granger - cleverness_h
Ginny Weasley - xginnyxweasleyx
Neville Longbottom - nevillel
Dean Thomas -
Seamus Finnigan -
Parvati Patil -
Lavender Brown -
Colin Creevy -
Dennis Creevy -

Luna Lovegood - _loonylovegood_
Cho Chang - _mschang_
Padma Patil -

Susan Bones -
Ernie Macmillan -
Hannah Abbot -

Draco Malfoy -
Crabbe -
Goyle -
Pansy Parkinson -

Fred Weasley -
George Weasley -
Percy Weasley -
Oliver Wood -

Hogwarts Staff
Albus Dumbledore -
Professor McGonagall -
Professor Snape -
Professor Trelawny -
Professor Flitwick -
Hagrid -
Filch -
Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher - (??)

Order of the Phoenix Members
Mad Eye Moody -
Remus Lupin -
Mundungus Fletcher -
Mrs. Weasley -
Mr. Weasley -

Corneilius Fudge -
Vernon Dursley -
Petunia Dursley -
Dudley Dursley -
Lucious Malfoy -
Narcissa Malfoy -
Dobby -
Winky -
Kreacher -
Voldemort - (maybe)
Wormtail - (maybe)

if I missed any charachters please inform me.

Affiliate Community -

Moderators -

Interests:112: alan rickman, alastor moody, albus dumbledore, alicia spinnet, angelina johnson, arithmancy, azkaban, bertie botts, bill weasley, bonnie wright, brooms, butterbeer, cedric diggory, charlie weasley, cho chang, chocolate frogs, chris columbus, chris rankin, chudley cannons, daniel radcliffe, dean thomas, dementors, diagon alley, divination, dobby, dolores umbridge, draco malfoy, emma watson, floo powder, flourish and blotts, fred weasley, george weasley, giants, gilderoy lockhart, ginny weasley, goblins, gringotts, gryffindor, hagrid, hannah abbott, harry potter, harry potter actors, harry potter books, harry potter movies, harry potter roleplaying, harry potter rpg, herbology, hermione granger, hogsmeade, hogwarts, honeydukes, hufflepuff, j.k. rowling, james potter, john cleese, katie bell, knockturn alley, kreacher, lucius malfoy, luna lovegood, maggie smith, marauders, marauders map, moaning myrtle, moony, nearly headless nick, neville longbottom, oliver wood, padfoot, pansy parkinson, patronus, percy weasley, platform 9 3/4, potions, professor lockhart, professor lupin, professor mcgonagall, professor snape, professor sprout, prongs, quidditch, ravenclaw, remus lupin, richard harris, rita skeeter, robbie coltrane, roger davies, ron weasley, rupert grint, sean biggerstaff, sirius black, slytherin, susan bones, the chamber of secrets, the daily prophet, the forbidden forest, the goblet of fire, the house cup championship, the prisoner of azkaban, the quibbler, the shrieking shack, the sorcerer's stone, the triwizard tournament, tom felton, tom marvolo riddle, tonks, transfiguration, unforgivable curses, veela, voldemort, wands, wormtail
Members:16: cleverness_h, danradluvr247, dobbytheslave, dracomalf0y, hpfanatic247, lavenderxx, nevillel, photocolin, theothertwin, xfin_, xginnyxweasleyx, xxpansy, _loonylovegood_, _mschang_, _snivellus, __ron__w
Watched by:17: autumnfae, cleverness_h, dobbytheslave, dracomalf0y, hpfanatic247, lavenderxx, nevillel, photocolin, tasteslikefall, xfin_, xginnyxweasleyx, xsusan_bonesx, xxpansy, _loonylovegood_, _mschang_, _snivellus, __ron__w
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