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User:hotsexmagic (651709)  
Location:Poughkeepsie, New York, United States
Bio: I'm a simple kind of person. Music is my life. HANSON owns. The end.
Interests:149: 1984, 311, 80s, afi, alexisonfire, alice in chains, alicia keys, amel larrieux, anti-flag, armor for sleep, as i lay dying, atheism, avenged sevenfold, bass players, beloved(us), ben kweller, ben lee, bisexuality, blink 182, boys night out, bracelets, brandnew, bright eyes, christina aguilera, citizen kane, classic tv, comicview, common, concerts, culture, daughters, dead poetic, dead prez, death cab for cutie, destinys child, diversity, dmx, dropkick murphys, emiliana torrini, eminem, epitaph records, equal vision records, eve, fairweather, family ties, finch, foo fighters, food, from autumn to ashes, gavin degraw, give up the ghost, glassjaw, good charlotte, green day, hanson,, hewhocorrupts, history, i love lucy, incubus, internet, it's a wonderful life, jane's addiction, jay-z, jeopardy!, john mayer, kanye west, kelis, korn, laziness, learning, letter kills, lil kim, linkin park, masturbation, matchbook romance, memphis bleek, michael j. fox, michelle branch, miracle on 34th street, moneen, music, musiq, my chemical romance, mya, nas, nelly furtado, next ii nothing, nine inch nails, nirvana, nofx, norma jean, november kills, p!nk, peace, philosophy, piercings, poetry, politics, purple, queens of the stoneage, ralph waldo emerson, reading, s.t.u.n, saosin, saves the day, schindler's list, scraps and heart attacks, senses fail, shadows fall, showtime at the apollo, shyness, slaughterhouse-five, solid state records, soundgarden, staind, stand by me, stone temple pilots, story of the year, straylight run, sum 41, taking back sunday, taproot, tattoos, the ataris, the cosby show, the early november, the frisk, the goonies, the hope conspiracy, the notorious b.i.g, the offspring, the roots, the unseen, the used, thrice, thursday, tolerance, tool, trivia, tv, useless information, vagrant records, vegetarianism, vendetta red, weezer, writing, yellowcard, your day strong
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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