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Below is user information for taser girl. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:hot_leather (135559)
Name:taser girl
Website:going outta my head
Location:Orlando, Florida, United States

Wherever, you are
Wear leather, guitar
Feels good and, alive
When I'm floatin', to rhyme

All you're doing is killing time, yeah
And all I'm doing is killing mine, yeah

I'm layin', in the sun
Cause I'm sunshine, for one
Feels good and, alive
When I'm floatin', to rhyme

All you're doing is killing time, yeah
And all I'm doing is fuckin' mine, yeah

But it feels alright, (I don't care)
If you say it tonight, (I don't care)
(Round n' round n' round)

lyrics found at but that's kindof for my own reference anyways. And also, incase they're focked up and you try to blame me. ::smirk::

i'm in hufflepuff!

oh, meh. you want to know about me, eh? well, i'm obsessive/compulsive which could be why i've got like 100+ interests listed. i'm frequently tired and always sleeping. karma has it in for me but wait until it sees what i have in store for it. ::smirks::

i'm absent minded, silly, and often snappy. but i'm also pretty nice and i hear i'm funny. i think it's a thing called sarcasm. all the kids are doin' it, but i'm the only one who does it well.

i work in a movie store. i drive a sports car. i love animals and hate people. that sums it up. well, not really. but that's all you're getting.

much love,

xxhot leatherxx

please don't wake me please don't shake me leave me where i am, i'm only sleeping
Interests:117: adam green, alexis bledel, alyson hannigan, alyssa milano, amber benson, ana's song, angel, angelina jolie, anya, anyanka, austin powers, bagels, beastie boys, beck, biting, bjork, black & white photos, brandon boyd, buffy the vampire slayer, but i'm a cheerleader, charisma carpenter, charmed, ciccone youth, clerks the animated series, coffee, craig nicholls, dave grohl, depeche mode, dirk lance, do over, duckman, edward norton, eliza dusku, eminem, emma caulfield, everwood, fabrizio moretti, fight club, fiona apple, foo fighters, futurama, garbage, gillian anderson, gilmore girls, harry potter, hayden christensen, heathers, hole, hoobastank, hooverphonic, horses, icons, incubus, jack white, james marsters, jason schwartzman, jimmy fallon, julian casablancas, katherine heigl, kevin smith, kevin spacey, kurt cobain, lauren graham, life as a house, linkin park, lord of the rings, marilyn manson, movies, my little ponies, nerds, nirvana, ok go, orlando bloom, phantom planet, photography, pictures, pillows, ponies, radiohead, reading, ricky6, rose mcgowan, roswell, sara downing, sarah michelle gellar, sarcasm, scooby doo, se7en, secretariat, seth green, silverchair, sleep, sonic youth, south park, space balls, spike, star wars, teddy grahams, that '70s show, the cure, the hives, the music, the simpsons, the smashing pumpkins, the strokes, the vines, the white stripes, thrift stores, thurston moore, tim burton, tobey mcguire, tori amos, twiggy, vengeance demons, vincent kartheiser, wallace & gromit, x-files
Friends:17: buffy_fans, eliminate, elizas_bitch, french_odd_girl, getfree, hot_leather, incubusfans, juststoptalking, nicholls, phe0be_cates, saving_myself, thestrokes, thevines, tobiasthedog, vapid_whore, xxfadedstarxx, yorba
Friend of:8: eliminate, elizas_bitch, getfree, hot_leather, juststoptalking, saving_myself, vapid_whore, xxfadedstarxx
Member of:6: buffy_fans, incubusfans, thestrokes, thevines, wanttakehave, yorba
Account type:Early Adopter

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