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Below is information about the "Its hip to be vain." community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:hot_hair (187405)  
Name:Its hip to be vain.
About:This is a community where all of you scenester kids can show off your trendy hair. Questions and opinions relating to hair are also welcome.

For bigger pictures, use a cut, explained here.

Keep it clean, stay on topic, and have fun.

Interests:61: 60s, 70s, 80s, aquanet, attitude, bangs, big hair, blow driers, boys, boys with big hair, boys with shaggy hair, bragging, colored hair, conditioner, confidence, dirty hair, dye, electroclash, fashion, fucks, gel, getting it on, girls, girls with big hair, girls with shaggy hair, glamour, hair, hair cuts, hairspray, hawt, hip, hip hair, hot, indie fucks, looking good, me, mirrors, mod, mousse, my hair, pomade, retro, salons, scene hair, self hair cuts, sex, sexy hair, shaggy hair, shampoo, short hair, snobs, straighteners, style, stylish, techno, the scene, tight jeans, trendy, vanity, you, your hair
Members:174: 1337_15_57up1d, adrift_boy, agentpixiedust, agenuinepassion, aheartderailed, allhopesfall, allthatsleft6, amor_rasgones, anemicandsweet, anothaheartache, aorta, bambangboom, barefeet_, beautiful_pain, bite_n_kuss, bitte_n_kuss, blinded_anomie, blinkoid, breathe_no_more, brightereyes, broken101, cant_be_perfect, chemicalmachine, choking__victim, ckybunny, closeyourmouth, condemned, corruptxemotion, corvettechick, crashsunday, cry_away, darkfairy, ddntiblowurmind, decieved, dee_like_woah, depressed_poet, domesticgoddess, ductxtapexheals, electro_shok, faded_fame, fadingentity, failedxsuicide, fallingxapart, fightxpretty, fordernwahl, forgethollywood, foxxy_gurl2004, frankeepaige, girls_not_grey, givemethepen_, glock_heels, godthepirate, goodnightmylove, guysandguitars, hairgirl, hairsprayqueen, haleyscomet, hamster_girl, heartsfallapart, hellorockview, highonsky, hollywdblackout, hopefulsuicidal, howitshouldbe, hunglikeastar, ifwinterends, ilovedb27, iluvfoldedchips, imperial_velvet, in_view, in_your_hands, ivegotagun, iwantsugarinmyt, i_already_know, i_h8_myself, i_melt_with_u, i_saw_it, januaries, jenthemunchkin, justan0thergirl, kinkikarma, kissthecasket, ladyinthedark, ladypixie, lethallyblondex, lifecafejunkie, lil_ursluutx07, lisatothecore, littledevil14, losermonkey, lperfectsonnetl, lullabye, mauradavis, misanthropy66, mylastgreatwar, mynervousheart, my_nirvana, my_pride_war, n00dles, ohbabyohbaby, oh_doctor, oh_wow_its_amy, paperheartxx, pattylou, pengin, pennythrower, piercedraven, playhookey, playtragic, poisoning, poulain, rahxrahxretro, raincoat, reset, rickmaniac06, riot_punk, roboteatsyou, saruh, seattlejunkie, sea_breeze, seizeourmoments, sha23, shaggyhairboy, shake_your_hips, shortofempty, siamese_gun, skafreak, smudgedeyeliner, sorryimleaving_, spanishbombs, spies, starrynite, starsonhold, starxtoxkill, star_tears, strawberrycryst, strawberyshorty, stubbygrubbs, styleismurder, sum_thing, sundaysecret, t0xic_s0ck, teeboo, themurderscene, thesakeofscars, tommygun, tragicxlife, trashflvrdtrash, trigger__happy, truelies__, twistas87, used_star, vicesquad138, vividshot, whitelinefever, whoooa, wreckfantastic, xfatally_yoursx, xkat, xliarishernamex, xlittlemissfukx, xmyhopesfallx, xvintagex, xxshecriezxx, x_slit_x, _1987, _bea, _candystars, _faded_star, _manders, _myfistyourface, _quarantine, _untoldstories, _wonderstar_
Watched by:60: 1337_15_57up1d, adrift_boy, aheartderailed, allhopesfall, amor_rasgones, anothaheartache, anothernoone, barefeet_, blinded_anomie, breathe_no_more, brightereyes, chemicalmachine, cherrysodapop, closeyourmouth, condemned84, ddntiblowurmind, depressed_poet, dryxurxeyes, electro_shok, fightxpretty, forgethollywood, foxxy_gurl2004, frankeepaige, glock_heels, godthepirate, goodnightmylove, hairgirl, hairsprayqueen, ifwinterends, in_view, ivegotagun, iwantsugarinmyt, januaries, lethallyblondex, lil_ursluutx07, lisatothecore, losermonkey, lullabye, mauradavis, my_pride_war, n00dles, oh_doctor, poisoning, rahxrahxretro, reset, rickmaniac06, roboteatsyou, seizeourmoments, sha23, shakeshakekill, shake_your_hips, star_tears, t0xic_s0ck, trashflvrdtrash, used_star, xkat, xlittlemissfukx, xmyhopesfallx, x_slit_x, _quarantine
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