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Below is information about the ".WE HAVE STYLE." community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:hot_fashion (615995)
About:mainly, this site is a blurty copy of the livejournal 'hot_fashion' community, which is awesome. let's represent it here on blurty!

this is a community for anyone who's into FASHION.

Posts that we like:
-what you wore today
-random pictures of hot shit
-fashion/deconstruction tips
-thrift store buys
-new makeup/haircolor/piercing etc etc
-any clothes you want to buy or sell
-that pair of shoes that you'll never be able to afford


Interests:78: accessories, ballerina skirts, ballet flats, band shirts, bangs, black, blazers, boots, bright colors, cheap clothing, checkers, concerts, corduroy, cute, cute boys, deconstruction, dresses, emo glasses, europe, eyeliner, fashion, flourescent, gauges, girls, glam, glasses, good music, guys, h&m, hair, haircuts, headbands, heels, hoodies, hot, hot fashion, indie, indie bands, jackets, jeans, lip piercings, lipgloss, lipstick, london, makeup, milan, mod, new york city, pants, paris, pinstripe, pirates, plaid, polka dots, pumas, punk, racer stripes, red, scarves, scenecore, sewing, shoes, side swept bangs, ska, snobs, socks, stripes, sweaters, tattoos, the 80's, thrift stores, tight pants, tights, tshirts, urban outfitters, vintage clothes, white, youth sizes
Members:60: 1337_15_57up1d, 1warrior, 70x7, accident_sex, another_life, black_glitter_, celginete, cherry_bomb, city_has_sex, cogar, crazymexican77, dontbehatin, doodle724, exquisitexstar, faerytale, feetfirst, firespook, girlwitha_tutu, glass_tulips, glitterpimpcess, h0txheat, ilikeyourveins, ilovedb27, i_saw_it, jailecafe, jamie_adhd, julianlove, justonekiss, labeled_, ladyelaine, lesbian_mommy, lipstickinjury, lotus_eater, lushglamourette, madaboutmonty, marithwa, misseymouse, musicalgenius, my_butterflies, my_nirvana, nikkiboo, pepkoo, pochi, red_as_wine, satellite_years, shesrusting, ska_and_pirates, snow_and_lights, so_girlie, spacedementia, teeboo, the_redeemer, totalimmortalex, vintage_diamond, walmartshopper, waltzingback, xolovelyrain, xxjandk, zombiette, _wonderstar_
Watched by:23: 1337_15_57up1d, 70x7, bastianbeat, cherry_bomb, cogar, dontbehatin, faerytale, feetfirst, glitterpimpcess, jailecafe, justonekiss, lotus_eater, misseymouse, musicalgenius, pepkoo, red_as_wine, shesrusting, skasmylover, snow_and_lights, walmartshopper, waltzingback, xxjandk, _boooya_
Account type:Free User

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