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Below is information about the "Keep The Lights On Tonight" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:horror_film (251932)
Name:Keep The Lights On Tonight
About:This is a community for people who love scary/horror films/movies/tv, etc. Anyone can join, and you can post right after joining.

Normal common sense applies to posting in the community. Nothing *really* off topic. First time, you'll get warned, then I just delete posts that are off-topic. Yeah it's bitchy. Post don't nesseccairily have to be about horror films, they can relate to scary books, tv, etc. Just don't start talking about your cat. Or something.

No flaming. That's a biggie. Healthy discussions about stuff are ok, but namecalling, etc., I'll just turn into a pissy bitch. Warning the first time, then you'll be banned.

Um. That's about it! I know I sound like a mean evil moderator, but I've never had any problems with people before.

Interests:71: alice sweet alice, alien, aliens, arachnaphobia, army of darkness, bela lugosi, blair witch project, blood, boris karloff, carrie, child's play, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, deep blue sea, final destination, frankenstein, frankenstien's monster, freddy, friday the 13th, from dusk till dawn, ghost, ghosts, gouls, halloween, halloween 2, hellraiser, hollow man, horror, horror film, horror movies, house on haunted hill, identity, jason, jaws, king kong, lake placid, living dead, michael myers, monster, monsters, nosferatu, pet cemetary, pinhead, poltergeist, psycho, re-animator, ringu, rosemary's baby, scary movies, scream, scream 2, scream 3, texas chainsaw massacre, the cell, the craft, the exorcist, the haunting, the omen, the relic, the ring, the shining, the thing, urban legends, vampire, vampires, vampyre, werewolf, werewolves, what lies beneath, zombie, zombies
Members:43: 2lost2besaved, black_kitten, blanketeyes, breakthecanvas, bustedrecord, c0nsuming_fire, call_me_angel, cantforgetyou, cheeky_chef, cinderjewel, dead_at_prom, dollstitches, dullgirl, empireofdirt666, eternalsleep, frozen_tears, glowsw, hannahpikachu, hannahpikachu2, horrorofbeauty, ixhatexavril, kiness, l0ve_just_is_xo, lady_wyvern, liveordietrying, lovers_lust, metal_queen, mslpanthers13, mytornnovember, natalija_23, nephele_delfino, razorblade_x, someperson, star_kitten, stubbygrubbs, sunshine_31, tristheelf1102, trulyxinxlove, vamprissvampire, wiltedxrosex666, withoutlove, xx_denny_xx, yusaho
Watched by:17: bustedrecord, call_me_angel, cantforgetyou, cinderjewel, digitalinnocens, empireofdirt666, frozen_tears, hannahpikachu, hannahpikachu2, kiness, liveordietrying, lovers_lust, nephele_delfino, someperson, vamprissvampire, withoutlove, yusaho
Account type:Free User

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