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Below is user information for [x] My 0wn 0bsession [x] ``Selfish *. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:hopelessxscars (580216)
Name:[x] My 0wn 0bsession [x] ``Selfish *
Location:United States
AOL IM:poisonedkandy21 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Name* Melissa
Nicknames* Melly, Meliss, Mellers, Melly, Ozzy, Max, Milly, Little Bare-Ass, Hottie, Winnie, Melling
Likes* Boys, Guitars, Movies, Mall, Candy, Black hair, Blue eyes, Guys in black, Guitarists, Black Clothes, Alcohol, Music, Zebra Stripes, Leopard Spots, Cold weather, Snow, Christmas, Halloween, Sleeping, Black eyeliner, Lipgloss, Hair straightners, Re-dieing my hair, Friends, Rain, Edward Scissor Hands, Dont tell mom the babysitters dead, Snow days, Crunchy Snow, Tatoos, Piercings, John, Art, being high, Gay people, My kittie, Porn, The computer, ice cream, scars, paris hilton, strangeland, the exorcist, drama, gay pride, money, flirting, compliments, feeling cute, thunderstorms
Hates-- Crying, Clowns, Bugs, Heat, People, Being Annoyed, School, Losing people, Church, Religions, Fighting with friends, being tired, my period, throwing up, people who hate gay people, concieted people, liars, being tired and not being able to go to sleep
Best Feelings-- Being held by someone you love to be with and laughing so hard you gotta pee

Love Humiliates you, Hatred Cradles You

`` Give us brilliant b0ys that we wanna fuck, man. Full 0f ecstasy, hard drugs and bad luck. *
Friends:10: as0litaryech0, cutipie, drownedinsorrow, luckystarr0o, tooth_faerie, u_r_going_2_die, xlilbabii1437x, xxblewwchuckss, _a7x, _unl0ved_
Friend of:8: as0litaryech0, babikakes, cutipie, drownedinsorrow, luckystarr0o, material_girlx, tooth_faerie, xxblewwchuckss
Member of:1: _a7x
Account type:Free User

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