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Below is user information for |x|a bright red scream|x|. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:hopeless_reason (700136)
Name:|x|a bright red scream|x|
Website:my pictures
Location:Ohio, United States

..the only broken hearted loser youll ever need..

"story of my life: i am so self-destructive, i turn solutions into problems. everything i touch, i ruin. im midas in reverse."

x die young. die glamorous. x

cheer up,
emo kid :'(

i <3 the smiths & morrissey

~Little minds let little games burn big old dreams with little flames, and you dont think I understand.
Little holes in parachutes wont leave you falling, if they do, its because you want to land.~

\\misery loves company//

--deep in the cell of my heart i really want to go.
there is another world. there is a better world.
well, there must be. well, there must be...--

...and if a double-decker bus
crashes into us
to die by your side
is such a heavenly way to die
and if a ten-ton truck
kills the both of us
to die by your side
well, the pleasure -
the privilege is mine..

my old journel:

Interests:99: "weird people", a.d.d, a.d.h.d, aim, alcohol, anti-depressants, anxiety, art, attention, beaches, beauty, behavior disorders, bi-polar disorder, blades, blood, box of sharp objects, bright eyes, california dreamin', cars, chris carrabba, complaining, cries for help, cuddling, cute movies, dashboard confessional, depression, disorders, dorks, drawing, dreaming, drunk nights, emo boys, emo emo emo, emo lyrics, emo music, escape, expression, feelingleftout, fire, food, going to shows, happiness, hate, hating life, hats, hot sauce, hugs, icee's, ihatemyself, kisses, losers, loud music, love, loveless wrists, lyrics, manic depressives, mexican food, mitsubishi 3000gt, mood disorders, morrissey, music, nintendo, painful secrets, painted nails, painting, peircings/tattoos, pepsi, photography, pictures, poetry, pokemon, presents, pretty eyes, prozac nation, psychology, pugs, razors, reading, s.i., scarification, scars, schizophrenia, self-mutilation, sick of it all, smell of boys clothes, something coporate, stars, storms, suicide, summer nights, sunny days, sunsets, surprises, taco bell, the smiths, the*ataris, triggers, walk(s) to remember, writing
Friends:6: blurtysecret, crymelyrics, cutmeintopieces, emolyrics, emolyrics_jr, whycut
Friend of:12: aklowlife, babyphatlibra04, desipunk7, fadextoxbright, ixheartxsporks, kerstin, missinghope8, pyrobaby, r3dh3ad804, sacrificed4lust, scarredgothchic, xbright_litstar
Member of:4: blurtysecret, cutmeintopieces, emolyrics, emolyrics_jr
Account type:Free User

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