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Below is information about the "wear it with pride" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:homosexuality (94246)  
Name:wear it with pride
About:welcome to my community~

1- please respect others and if someone is harrassing, email me, IM me or even comment me on my journal.

2- have pictures, surveys, quizes? please use the text cut (lj-cut text="whatever you want your link saying"/) please replace ( ) with < > thanks!

3- be open and meet new people! have fun!

my screen name= luckilyimnerdy
my blurty journal is friends only so feel free to add me, i will be happy to add you back!

<-3 always, your maintainer -- vin
Interests:36: bands, bass, bi curious, bi pride, bisexuality, clubs, computers, disorders, drums, fall, friends, friendship, gaming, gay pride, gays, girls, guitar, guys, homosexuality, icons, kissing boys, kissing girls, lesbian pride, lesbians, love, mp3s, music, parties, raves, relationships, sex, singing, spring, summer, tech tv, winter
Members:47: about_a_boi, anaideia, anarchygrl72, andrewpants, badboy84, blueshadows, chaoticdreamz, dreadzsummer, exquisitequeer, gayspammer, kandypwincess, kitarou, kittie_spit, knowledge216, krucialkeys10, kurioustykildme, luckilyimnerdy, mandra143, mest_soul, midnyterosez, morgsi, muzikjunky, mwahz, mydarklife, nancy__boy, ohsosexyinblack, pastchild, pepsipunker, polysynonix, priapus, rabidbunny, rainb0w_kiss3s, riotbeth, rynebowgarden, severlytroubled, spiritedaway, squeenny, the_shit, toxictear313, virulentgreen, vixen_angel, vomitus, worstnitemare, xbiggestxdork, xechoesx, xthisnamesucksx, _fantasma_
Watched by:17: blueshadows, brokenchild, desirescasualty, gayspammer, kandypwincess, knowledge216, midnyterosez, morgsi, mwahz, pastchild, rynebowgarden, severlytroubled, the_shit, vixen_angel, vomitus, worstnitemare, _fantasma_
Account type:Early Adopter

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