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User:holly_vall (167076)
Location:London, United Kingdom
AOL IM:ValanceHolly (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:holly_vall (Add User, Send Message)
Bio: I was born in New Zeland on a sunny day of the month of May. My parents divorced when I was four and my mother, my sister Coco and I moved to Melbourne, Australia.

Both parents are former models, which is why I was modeling myself by the age of twelve. My dad id an accomplished jazz guitarist and pianist.

My father married Tanya and Olympia, my half sister was born before spliting. Tanya then married Ross Wilson, lead singer in Daddy Cool, the seminal 1970's Australian rock band. Athena and my Godson Dimitri was born.

I have a Yugoslav background. My middle European look come from my cosmopolitan background in Melbourne. My dad is Serbo-Croat and my mom is English.

I moved away from my mom when I was sixteen. A few of you may know me as Leicity 'Flick' Scully from Neighbours. I'm 5"8 and I love to swim near my Bringhton Beach home in Melbourne.

My image is really sexy so that my prior fans of mine that have seen me act can put me apart from my caracter.... what I wear home are jeans, shirts and boots, not designer gear!
Interests:9: dancing, family, kickboxing, music, singing, stealing beauty, swimming, video, watch movies
Friends:66: alexisxbledel, aly_lovesflutes, andrewmcmahon, ant_banderas, ava_phillippe, a_larter, a_silver_stone, bif_naked, billie_piper, brianireland, britty_spears, b_margera, caseyaffleck, charleejohnson, claire_forlani, cone__, ctmoffatt, dushku__e, dylandouglas, d_swain, ehrinnc, el_dom, foo_man_dave, gilliananderson, great_danes, gwyn_k_paltrow, halo_ginger_r, hj_scott, hollyxcombs, hudson_, james_me, jamie_richter, joshh, joshs_scene, justifiedjrt, just_chelle, just_naomi, j_lee, katemoss, kiki_dunst, kim____smith, liam_gallagher, lotta_lucca, martinbilly, mattpdamon, michelle_heaton, natalieappleton, nicoleappleton, only_joshchasez, palumbo, rachelappleton, rachelstevens_, rach_lee, sparkle_reese, stellar_design, stinabear, stinco_, therapeme, tobeymaguire, tracexthis, walkeronme, welcome__wagon, wilmerama, xjohnsyx, _mel, __vin
Friend of:33: aly_lovesflutes, ant_banderas, a_silver_stone, bif_naked, b_margera, caseyaffleck, charleejohnson, cone__, ctmoffatt, dushku__e, el_dom, ewan_mcgreg, foo_man_dave, gilliananderson, great_danes, hudson_, jamie_richter, jones_norah, justifiedjrt, justin_beck, just_chelle, katemoss, mandy_l_moore, martinbilly, mayer_, palumbo, rach_lee, stefani__, tbp_scott, tobeymaguire, tracexthis, _elisha, _rosemcgowan_
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