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Below is information about the "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:hogwartsish_rp (23012)  
Name:Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Location:United Kingdom


Hogwartsish RP is another one of those Harry Potter roleplaying communities. Yep, we love our Potter so now we roleplay g. Don't know what Harry Potter is? Leave now. This roleplaying game takes place in Harry's 7th year.


Harry Potter / green_eyes
Ron Weasley / ronald_weasley
Hermione Granger / hermione_g
Parvati Patil / parvati_p
Ginny Weasley / 7th_weasley
Seamus Finnigan / irish_lion

Draco Malfoy / bad_faith
Pansy Parkinson / pansyparkinson
Blaise Zabini / b_zabini
Tracey Davis / tracey
Millicent Bulstrode / milli_bulstrode

Justin Finch-Fletchley / justin_finch
Ernie Macmillian / erniemacmillian

( none yet )

( none yet )

Percy Weasley / percy_weasley
Fred & George Weasley / prof_prankster
Penelope Clearwater / missclearwater
Lee Jordan / lee_jordan
Katie Bell / katie_bell
Remus J. Lupin / wolf_on_campus
:: RULES ::

  • Made-up characters are allowed, as long as they don't turn into 'Mary Sues'. Why? Those are just plain annoying.

  • Nobody can change the age of their character.

  • Please keep your character along the cannon lines. If you blow them totally out of proportion, that will completely destroy them.

  • No character duplicates. If you're having trouble finding a character you wish to play, feel free to contact one of the owners of the community.

  • Slash IS allowed. ;)

  • Adult roleplay is allowed as well - if you feel the need to post this, please keep it in a cut so those who do not wish to read it don't have to.

  • An AOL or AIM screenname is necessary in order for roleplaying during chat sessions. The screenname can be IC/OOC (IC prefered). These screennames can also be used to do private roleplaying (as in, not during chat sessions).
  • A journal name for your character is also required. The journal name must be in some way or form associated with your character. IE, Harry's journal name could be 'gryffindorseeker' or 'potter'. Get it?
  • The community is open, meaning anyone who wishes can join. This is so the maintainers don't have to use the console to add you. BUT, please contact one of us first before you join.

  • UPDATE YOUR CHARACTER'S JOURNAL AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. THIS IS A NEW REQUIREMENT. If you notify one of the maintainers beforehand and we have an excuse from you, don't worry. If not, you'll get a warning. If you don't listen to the warning, bye bye. You're out.

  • :: CONTACT INFO ::

    AIM: i did ron
    blurty: scarhead

    AIM: dome of spells
    MSN: N/A
    blurty: booya
    :: DISCLAIMER ::
    No, we do not own Harry Potter. He is rightfully the creation of JK Rowling, and is owned by her as well as Warner Bros. Please to not contact us telling us we're stealing in any way, shape, or form. Why? We aren't. Thank you.
    Interests:146: adrian pucey, albus dumbledore, alicia spinnet, ancient runes, angelina johnson, animagus, argus filch, arithmancy, arthur weasley, astronomy, avada kedavra, basilisk, beater, beauxbaton, bill weasley, bludger, broomsticks, butterbeer, cedric diggory, chamber of secrets, charlie weasley, charms, chaser, cho chang, colin creevey, cornelius fudge, crabbe, dark arts, dark mark, dean thomas, death eaters, dementors, diagon alley, divination, dobby, draco malfoy, dragons, dudley, dueling, durmstrang, dursley, fat friar, fawkes, fleur delacour, flying, fred weasley, galleons, george weasley, gilderoy lockheart, ginny weasley, goblet of fire, godric gryffindor, godric's hollow, goyle, graham pritchard, gringotts, gryffindor, gryffindor house, hagrid, harry potter, helga hufflepuff, herbology, hogsmeade, hogwarts, house elves, hufflepuff, hufflepuff house, imperious curse, james potter, justin fitch-fletchley, kararoff, katie bell, knockturn alley, knuts, lavender brown, lee jordon, lestrange, lily potter, lord voldemort, lucis malfoy, madam hooch, madam maxine, madam pince, madam pomfrey, malfoy mansion, marcus flint, millicent bulstrode, minerva mcgonagall, ministry of magic, molly weasley, mooney, mudbloods, muggles, narcissa malfoy, nearly headless nick, neville longbottom, oliver wood, owls, padma patil, pansy parkinson, parvati patil, peeves, percy weasley, petunia, philosopher's stone, potions, prefect's bathroom, prisoner of azkaban, professor binns, professor flitwick, professor severus snape, professor sinistra, professor sprout, professor trelawney, professor vector, prongs, quaffle, quidditch, ravenclaw, ravenclaw house, remus lupin, rita skeeter, ron weasley, rowena ravenclaw, salazar slytherin, seamus finnigan, seeker, sirus black, slytherin, slytherin house, sorcerer's stone, st. mungos, susan bones, the burrow, the fat lady, tom riddle, triwizard tournament, unicorns, veela, vernon, viktor krum, voldemort, weasley, whomping willow, winky, wormtail
    Members:21: billowingshadow, b_zabini, erniemacmillian, gemtwist, hannah_abbot, herbologyrocks, hermione_g, irish_lion, jamie_ravenclaw, justin_finch, katie_bell, lee_jordan, missclearwater, pansyparkinson, percy_weasley, prof_prankster, ravenclawbelle, ronald_weasley, silverflame4761, tracey, wolf_on_campus
    Watched by:26: billowingshadow, blaise_zabini, chang_cho, colin_creevey, colourful, erniemacmillian, gemtwist, hannah_abbot, herbologyrocks, hermione_g, irish_lion, jamie_ravenclaw, justin_finch, katie_bell, lee_jordan, missclearwater, miss_snape, pansyparkinson, percy_weasley, potions_master, prof_prankster, ronald_weasley, seer, silverflame4761, tracey, _susanbones_
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