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Below is information about the "Harry Potter Role-Playing" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:hogsmeaderpg (229915)
Name:Harry Potter Role-Playing
Location:New Jersey, United States
About:This Community is for Harry Potter Role-Playing. It will be very simple and I hope to keep it active.
If you wish to participate these are the rules...
1. you must post atleast three times a week, if this can't be done then Email me.

2. If you want to join, email me which character you would like to be and a short journal entry. You will definitely get the job, I just want to see if you know the don't be shy :)

3. You can only be Canon characters for now, Canon characters are people who appear in the book, not your own personal creations. I will post the taken characters below.

This is a very new community so there are a very wide variety of characters. Just have fun!

once it gets too full I will close up hurry up!

Hermione Granger- hermyowninny
Ron Weasley-
Harry Potter-
Draco Malfoy-
Oliver Wood- mrwood
Parvarti Patil- par_patil

After all those characters are filled I will have room for 3 or 4 more and then it will be closed.
Interests:11: books, harry potter, harry potter rpg, hermione granger, hp rpg, oliver wood, owls, reading, role-playing, ron weasley, rpg
Members:5: charlies_girl89, hermyowninny, mrwood, rvnclw_girl1, wildsnee
Watched by:4: mrwood, par_patil, rvnclw_girl1, wildsnee
Account type:Free User

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