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User:hitormissher (683041)
Location:United States
those times that i've opened up my mouth
in hopes of saying something clever
to think i haven't cared that much about
what i've said in years

"...i need you i'll call you
it's better late than never
i promise i'll call you
it's better late than never..."

"it's a dark day out
and at no other time than now
can i recount how things were"

"got stuck inside your past all the time i've fought for, and all i've wasted"

"but you couldn't last a lifetime
caught between here and the days of it
carving her name across your arm
with every wish it's hit or miss her
I told you so
I measure distance in lines
departing the rest of my life
but you, you had better things to do..."
Interests:138: 80s music, a perfect circle, a static lullaby, acceptance, alkaline trio, alli with an i, american history x, amélie, aqua teen hunger force, armor for sleep, art, before today, belle and sebastian, ben kweller, ben lee, benton falls, bigwig, blood brothers, blow, braid, brand new, brand new disaster, brandtson, breaking pangaea, bright eyes, cat power, chance of a lifetime, codeseven, coheed and cambria, comics, counterfit, cursive, david bowie, deathcab for cutie, depeche mode, desparecidos, detroit rock city, dinosaur jr, drawing, edward norton, elliot, erasure, eyeliner, fairweather, fight club, from autumn to ashes, fugazi, further seems forever, ghosts and vodka, glassjaw, grade, guitar, half baked, home movies, homegrown, hot water music, kill bill, kissing chaos, landisnj, last days of april, lawrence arms, lizzy, locale a.m., logh, lords of acid, lost prophets, lucky boys confusion, lunachicks, marilyn manson, mary janes, mashed potatoes, matchbook romance, maynard james keenan, midtown, milemarker, millencolin, modest mouse, mountain dew, mtv2, music videos, new york, nightmare before christmas, nin, no motiv, northstar, open hand, pepsi, philly, placebo, poetry, rain, recording, recover, red, red animal war, rufio, rx bandits, saves the day, selby tigers, senses fail, sex, shows, simpsons, ska, sleep, something corporate, south street, spoon, stars, subterranean, sushi, taking back sunday, tattoos, tegan and sara, the anniversary, the beautiful mistake, the coral, the cure, the early november, the faint, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the living end, the movielife, the new transit direction, the postal service, the rocket summer, the starting line, the stryder, the used, thrice, thursday, tool, tsunami bomb, underoath, vanilla sky, vaux, writing
Friends:7: jeffms66, killmylove, loser311, masspike, remeber2breathe, tightpants, xbruisedvioletx
Friend of:1: masspike
Member of:1: tightpants
Account type:Free User

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