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Below is user information for Tied to the trail rack. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:hisface_myfist (283314)  
Name:Tied to the trail rack
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
AOL IM:Miaria23 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Use your words little girl, it's the only weapon you have but it's a powerful one...

Well then, I'm Maria. Get to know me, fuckers.
I sing myself to sleep.
I'm addicted to eyeliner.
I love running track in the spring.
I have a lot of scars.
They are fading.
I identify with the color purple.
I hate feeling vulnerable.
I like to laugh. A lot.
I dance in front of the mirror to amuse myself.
It always works.
I miss my mother.
I stole a shirt from my best friend once.
I gave it back, 2 years later.
I live for chocolate.
I know the words to a lot of Britney Spears' songs.
I deny the above.
I enjoy being Italian.
I have never broken a promise.
I really love all of my friends and family.
Even if I don't always show it.
My toenails are always painted.
Janis Joplin is my hero.
Thank god I have music to keep my sanity.
I think a lot about life, and living it fully.
Life did not provide me with enough middle fingers.

Oh, and leave me a message. We loveee messages.
Interests:150: accents, acting, alfred hitchcock, alternative rock, amelie, anne frank, art, audrey hepburn, balloons, ballroom dancing, bartending, being in love, bette davis, bettie page, billie holiday, billy joel, bisexuality, black cats, books, broadway, but i'm a cheerleader, cabaret, candles, cathedrals, cello, chicago, chocolate, clara bow, comedy, contemplation, conversation, cooking, corsets, cursing like a sailor, drag queens, drama, dreams, elvis, extra sensory perception, eyes, family, film study, fire, fishnet, flappers, france, friendship, george gershwin, gone with the wind, goth, greece, guitar, hair dye, handbags, hats, high heels, holding hands, hoodies, hot chocolate, hugging, hypnotism, i love lucy, imagination, incenses, indie films, italy, janis joplin, jazz, jelly bracelets, jewelry, john lennon, judy garland, jukeboxes, kissing, lace, languages, late night phone calls, laughing, lightning, liza minnelli, love spell, lust, madonna, magic, make-believe, makeup, mangoes, marilyn monroe, martial arts, meditation, musicals, old photos, one liners, opera, past lives, pastels, people watching, pepper spray, photobooths, photography, piano, piercings, playfulness, poetry, pranks, puddle jumping, rain, raves, reading, red hair, rice pudding, rights, roaring twenties, rock, romance, rubber duckies, self-expression, sex, shoes, silent films, singing, sketching, skiing, sleeping, spirituality, stars, staying up all night, storytelling, striped tights, suspenders, tap dancing, tarot cards, the 80's, the beatles, the mafia, the ocean, theatre, thunderstorms, tootsie rolls, tori amos, track, vaudeville, vegetarian, veruca salt, vintage, will and grace, wine, wishing, writing, yoga
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User
Date created:2003-06-03 16:59:49
Date updated:Never.
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