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Below is information about the "Love Hina RPG" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:hinatasou_rpg (392933)
Name:Love Hina RPG
Website:Sign up for a character!
Location:Hinata, Japan
About:Welcome to hinatasou_rpg, the Love Hina RPG community! This community is maintained by alcyone (aka otohimemutsumi).

Any characters from Love Hina are welcome to be played in this RP, but I'd like it to mainly be characters who live at the Hinata Sou. However, this doesn't mean that you can't play whomever you'd like from the anime or manga.

The rules for this community are as follows:

1) Please be mature. Unless perhaps you are playing Kaolla, type maturely, the way your character would type. Don't use marquee tags or any ugly HTML.
2) Any off topic or OOC (out of character) posts should be made behind an lj-cut (check the FAQ if you don't know how to use one).
3) When you sign up for a character, follow the directions posted there. This way, you provide us with your personal journal name as well. We'd like to get to know the real you, too!
4) The plot for the RPG is here Please adhere to the plot and the rules set forth for following the plot.

I'll be adding information as we get this thing rolling.

Here's the cast of characters so far:

Mutsumi Otohime - otohimemutsumi - played by alcyone
Seta Noriyasu - noriyasu_seta - played by ghaleon
Naru Narusegawa - iron_fist_geek - played by bassoon_chiq
Shinobu Maehara - shyshinobu - played by alcyone
Keitaro Urashima - urashima - played by wdlssm
Motoko Aoyama - aoyamamotoko - played by ghaleon
Kanako Urashima - kanako - played by kanako
Kaolla Su - su_sisters - played by bassoon_chiq
Amara Su - su_sisters - played by bassoon_chiq

We need all the characters except for the ones listed, so join away. :D
Interests:39: aoyama motoko, cooking, haruka, haruka urashima, hinata sou, kanako, kanako urashima, kaolla, kaolla su, keitaro, keitaro urashima, kendo, kitsune, konno mitsune, love hina, maehara shinobu, mitsune konno, motoko, motoko aoyama, mutsumi, mutsumi otohime, naru, naru narusegawa, narusegawa naru, noriyasu seta, otohime mutsumi, sarah, sarah macdogal, seta, seta noriyasu, shinobu, shinobu maehara, tama-chan, tokyo university, turtles, urashima haruka, urashima kanako, urashima keitaro, watermelons
Members:9: alcyone, aoyamamotoko, iron_fist_geek, kanako, noriyasu_seta, otohimemutsumi, shyshinobu, su_sisters, urashima
Account type:Free User

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