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Below is user information for keitha. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:highonsky (389323)
Location:Pikeville, Kentucky, United States

♪music & writing.DIY fashion.dancin'etc.
killing with kindness.
suspiciously paranoid.
self sufficient.
oblivious to charm.
laughing internally.
overanalyzing your every move.
plotting my revenge.
.enjoys watching you fall.
A is only an organ.
Second guess yourself.

Interests:130: arrested development, as i lay dying, avenged sevenfold, bandanas, belle & sebastian, betty boop, big d, bikini kill, blue cream soda, bratmobile, bright eyes, bubblemint gum, camera obscura, caterpillars, christiansen, circle takes the square, classy air kisses, clean linens, clear gummi bears, closeness, coheed & cambria, complete disorder, conan o' brien, cuddling, culture club, cute japanese girls, dance disaster movement, dark rooms w/dim lamps, daydreaming, diy fashion, dream analysis, dressy bessy, eisley, even in blackouts, evergreen terrace, fresh cut grass, ganguro, give up the ghost, godspeed you black emperor!, granola, hair barettes, hella, hello kitty, horrorpops, ima robot, inspirational posters in hallways, japanese street fashion, kill rock stars, king apparatus, kodan armada, kool-aid on hiking trips., laughter, le tigre, link 80, liquid eyeliner, madness, male antiperspirant, mary prankster, mates of state, melt banana, metric, mint skittles, mission hill, mocha frappe, moving units, mustard plug, nekromantix, new mexican disaster squad, notes on calkeyators, open fields, paper lanterns, piano, pop art, pretend choking my ashley, pretty girls make graves, psychobilly, punk planet, q and not u, rainer maria, red lipstick, retro garb, rites of spring, rockabilly, sarcasm, sending/receiving instant messages, sewing, shai hulud, short hair, simon and garfunkel, ska, skanking, sleater kinney, sleeping in-between bleachers, southerncultureontheskids, stationary, statistics, straylight run, strike anywhere, summer's riding shotgun, sunsets, sweaters, synthpop, team dresch, the aquabats, the beautiful mistake, the bled, the blood brothers, the cranberries, the early november, the essex green, the eyeliners, the faux, the meteors, the planet smashers, the rapture, the sick lipstick, the specials, the spitvalves, the toasters, the wonder years, trading mixtapes, trial by fire, trumpet, tsunami bomb, walls of jericho, white oleander, writing, zip up jackets, , ♪.
Friends:1: makingamixtape
Account type:Free User

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