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Below is user information for Evil Genius. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:hidepersephone (830262)  
Name:Evil Genius
Interests:147: alphabets, anatomy, arguing, baking, bee keeping, bees, behaviour, being a smartass, being pedantic, being skinnier than you, being smart, berkley, berries, beth orton, biology, blackholes, books, bookstores, brains, bread, breaking hearts, butter, cakes, canadian movies, canadian politics, cells, cereal, chai, changing my identity, cheese, chemistry, clinique gift packs, clothing, coats, coffee, cookies, cooking, cowboy boots, depression, determinism, dorothy parker, drinking, drugs, dying young, eating, eating disorders, emily strange, emmylou harris, empiricism, ethics, evil, fashion, fools, free food, freewill, frontal lobes, geek chic, geeks, gillian welch, gin and tonics, glass, handbags, harold and maude, hats, hello kitty, hume, idealism, indian food, insanity, jam, jumping rope, kant, knowing better, lab coats, learning from experience, leo tolstoy, letting the phone ring, logic, lucinda williams, madness, making fun of descartes, mental illness, mind/body problem, mittens, motivation, mountains, nerds, neuroscience, nutella, october, pancakes, panic, pastry, penrose, pens, people watching, philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of the mind, physics, pig-tails, plato, prime numbers, psychology, purses, questioning reality, rain, raspberries, reading, research, rocks, scars, science, self-destruction, sf, shoes, singing along, six feet under, sleeping, sleeping in, socks, squash, staying out of hospitals, staying up late, studying, sushi, sylvia plath, symbolic logic, textbooks, tf, the hypothalamus, tiaras, tofu, tori amos, truth, university, unwrapping gifts, vegetarianism, verbal irony, waifs, waking up happy, wine, writing nonsense, x-rays, yesterday, yoga, ziploc bags
Friends:6: aotin, azuli, iclone, simply_existing, spudella, tinfoilkitten
Friend of:4: aotin, iclone, simply_existing, tinfoilkitten
Account type:Free User

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